[33] Kiss & Make-Up

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{Time of Day: Night}

Kai (Pov)

I walked past the tent, seeing Jennie, who was still unconscious and Taehyung, who was just laying by her side, sleeping. Then I just remembered when I saved her...


"BAEKHYUN!! CHEN!!!", I yelled. "Where do you think they can possibly be?", Chanyeol asked. "I don't know, but they wouldn't just disappear!", I exclaimed. "Ugh, I'm getting exhausted! They're probably just out killing some walkers for fun, so let's just head back to camp", he whined.

"Ugh, fine!"...We started walking back, until I heard screaming. It wasn't really loud, but I heard it very well. "Hey, did you hear that?", I asked, but he looked confused and exhausted. Then I heard it again. "Did you hear that!?"..."No! Your probably just tired, let's hurry back, I'm starving!".

Then the scream got louder, we both heard it. "Okay, now I hear it!". We followed the noise, and it led us to the lake. "Hey, it's that Tzuyu girl", Chanyeol said. I looked, as she was walking off, complaining, like she was throwing a fit. "What's up with her?", I asked.

"I don't know and I don't care! Let's head back now, there's no one, it was probably just her screaming out her stress", Chanyeol chuckled and walked off, as I followed. "H-H-HELP ME!!!!", someone screamed, quickly getting both of our attentions.

"Don't tell me you didn't hear that!", I said. "Oh, I definitely heard it!". I quickly looked back and saw someone in the lake, and it looked like they were struggling to swim. Without even thinking, I quickly ran over, and onto the port. I looked and that person was already gone, and deep underwater.

"Save her Kai!!", Chanyeol shouted form the back. I quickly dived in and swam around, but it was a bit dark since the sun has already came down. I kept swimming around and saw a body just floating towards me.

I swam to them and grabbed there hand, but it came off. I was shocked, I looked up at it and it was a walker. Oh, fucking shit!! I quickly swam back, as it just kept trying to swim at me, but it could barely swim.

I swam deeper and saw black hair just flowing around. I swam closer to it and saw that it was Jennie. What the fuck! Jennie?! I quickly grabbed her arm and swam back up, heavily gasping for air. I held onto her, as I swam back to the dock.

"Grab her!", I shouted, as Chanyeol quickly helped her up. I hopped onto the port and just looked at her, who was just laying there lifeless. "I don't know how to do CPR", Chanyeol exclaimed. "What! I thought you took the class!?"...."Did you really think I went to class! That class was boring as hell!", he complained.

"Aish! You idiot! Move! Your so useless!". I slightly pushed him back and put both of my hands in a form of a fist and pressed down on her chest, fast, going up and down. I then went up to her lips and hesitated, but then I just went for it. I blew air in twice and went back to pumping her chest.

"Do you think she's gonna make it?", Chanyeol asked, but I ignored and kept pressing down on her chest, hoping she does.

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