[22] Reconcile

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Jungkook (Pov)

"Jungkook?... Kookie, Wake up!", someone called. I ignored and put the blanket over my head, not wanting to get up just yet. "It's me....Lisa". My eyes immediately widened as I quickly removed the blanket over my head seeing...."L-LISA?!".

"Yes. It's me", she said with tears just streaming down her face with her bright beautiful smile. "Is it really y-you?!", I asked on the verge of crying as well. She grabs me in for a hug as I held her in tight, crying my eyes out. "It really is you!".

"I thought I was never going to see you again", I whined. "I'm here now Jungkook. You don't have to worry", she comforted. "I won't lose you anymore", I exclaimed.

I grabbed her in for another hug and held onto her tighter, with unstoppable tears just streaming down my face...For the first time, in a long time, I felt peace. I felt happy. I felt like my whole life was complete once again...

"Where have you been all these weeks??", I asked...No reply. "Lisa?"

Then there was a deep growl...I looked around, but there was no one, but us. Then I broke the hug and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My heart immediately broke into millions of tiny pieces...

"Nooooo!!!", I screamed.


I quickly got up after someone splashed water all over me. "Your dreaming- wake up", Taehyung said. I just sat there heavily breathing..."It felt so real though", I mumbled. "What? Can you speak up". I put my head in my legs and cried my eyes out.

Narrator (Pov)

"What's wrong with you?", Tae asked. "I dreamed that Lisa was a-", he then stopped and just sat there not wanting to say it. "What? A what?!". "A zombie. A hideous one!". Tae just looked at him with pity. "What if she really is-"..."She's not, don't be so negative".

"You don't know that. I don't know that.". Junkook is now feeling worse than he was when he first lost Lisa. After all, his dream did feel real to him, very real. His dream had his hopes up, a bit too high, but then it quickly fell to the ground, breaking his heart all over again

At first, Jungkook had hope Lisa was still alive. He knew Lisa was a strong girl who would know what to do, but now......now he has lost ALL hope. He doesn't know what to do but cry, cry his heart out.

Jungkook gets up and heads out of the tent. "Where you going?", Tae asked getting all of Bts and Blackpink's attention. "What's wrong?", Jennie asked. "Do you want to know what kills me the most!?", Jungkook asked out loud.

"What? What's happening right now?", Jimin asked being confused, along with everyone else..."Lisa's probably crying and scared to be out there all alone, while I'm over here sitting being useless not even trying to find her", he explained.

Jisoo went and sat beside him patting his back, not knowing what to say or is afraid to say something wrong that will get Jungkook mad. "Don't worry Jungkook, just calm down-"..."Calm down?!", Jungkook scoffed.

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