[11] Fire-Pit Smoke

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Suho (Pov)

"Damn it", Chanyeol shouted, aggressively hitting the car wheel. "What?". "We just ran out of gas", he complained. "What are we going to do now?", I asked being frustrated. "We could possibly just get another car", Sehun suggested. "Yeah sure, let's just walk pass all those walkers and just hop in and drive off again", I replied sarcastically.

"Well then what are we going to do? Were in the middle of the forest and it's almost nighttime and we-", then we heard shouting from outside. What the? "Lisa?", Jisoo said as she rushed out of the car and followed the noise. "Jisoo!", I quietly yelled, trying to grab her but she was already far.

I hopped out and chased after her, while the others followed. "Jisoo- Stop!". "That might be Lisa". She says and continued on running. The screaming got louder and louder I was starting to feel like there were walkers coming after us. "Lisa?", Jisoo said softly. "Shh! You don't know if that really is her, it could be a zombie", I exclaimed.

We started walking slowly as we got closer to the noise. We heard the screaming again and then spotted a group of girls. Who are they? "Hey away!", one of them screamed trying to fight off some of the walkers.

"Let's go back", Kai says getting all of our attention. "We have to help them!", Jisoo exclaimed. "That will just cause us more problems and besides we have our own problem", he replied. "Sorry Jisoo, but everyone's on there own now", I say. Jisoo looks at me being disappointed, but I ignored it and followed Kai.

Jisoo (Pov)

Unbelievable! Kai walked away, with everyone else following. "You cowards", I scoffed and ran to help the group of girls. "Yah!", I shouted trying to get the zombie's attention to lead them away. The girls all looked up, as the walkers slowly looked back at me, and started running towards my direction. Shit! I didn't think this through...

"Run", I shouted at the girls. I started running leading them away, while all the walkers were behind being desperate to eat me. "Yeah keep on coming my direction", I shouted running backwards, but then tripped over a rock twisting my ankle, again.

The walkers were getting closer, but then Suho, Sehun, Chanyeol, and Kai tackled them by surprise and started hitting them with rocks, smashing there heads. Gross "Are you okay?", Suho asked helping me up. "I'm fine".

"Are you dumb? You could've died", Suho scolded. "But I didn't and I knew you guys were gonna come back", I chuckled. "Ugh babo ". I then started aching in pain as I looked down at my ankle seeing a bruise. "Do you want me to carry you?". I looked at him in disgust. "No! I'm good".

"But your leg, you can barely walk". "I'm fine! You don't need to baby me", I rolled my eyes. Kai, Sehun, and Chanyeol finally killed those damn walkers and headed over to us. "You could've killed us all", Kai yelled.

"I'm sor-". "Were all fighting to survive this shit and you only care about yourself!"..."Kai stop!", Suho shouted. "We should've never saved you guys", he replied and walked away being pissed. Oh hell no! I walked up to him and slapped him leaving him surprised.

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