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Avoiding The Male Lead-1 by althame
Avoiding The Male Lead-1by althame
this is clearly a adaptation credits to the rightful owner. ---------- As tragedy befalls Xin Lisa, she soon finds herself transmigrated into a novel as a character. To...
Lisa and Jungkook are enemies at the university but when the time comes that they will be forced marriage at each other Will they love each other? Will jungkook stop bu...
The Crippled Boss's Outstanding Substitute Wife | Book 3 by Lizkook_fanficer
The Crippled Boss's Outstanding Orchid
The once rich girl Lee Lalisa lost her mother when she was born. She was then dumped overseas by her own father when she was little to her own devices. Nineteen years la...
I Don't Want To Die by my2ndlyf
I Don't Want To Dieby my2ndlyf
Liskook Adaptation Not Mine! So Don't Vote Credit goes to the original author and translator
MR. Jeon, The Heart Bandit | L.K Adaptation by kathujaan
MR. Jeon, The Heart Bandit | L.K silent moon
Abused and disowned by her family after she was found heavily pregnant, Lisa was forced to leave her hometown with nothing to her name. She returns four year later, only...
You're my Sunshine, my only Sunshine  by my2ndlyf
You're my Sunshine, my only my2ndlyf
Liskook Adaptation NOT MINE!! PLEASE DON'T VOTE!! A young love leads to a lifetime of entanglements. Kwon Lalisa is a university student with a sunny disposition. The...
A Second Chance at Forever    by adriaet
A Second Chance at Forever by Ad
Story is still ongoing. I will try to update everyday. Please let me know if there is any incorrect spelling, grammar, or repetitive sentences. Story is not mine. This i...
So Arrogant | LK by cherrycords
So Arrogant | LKby vegas
As a beauty recognized within her social circles, Lalisa was fair and pretty with a slender waist and slim legs. It was a pity that she had married a blind man. The peop...
The Best Of You | L.K Adaptation by kathujaan
The Best Of You | L.K Adaptationby silent moon
Everyone knew Jeon Jungkook so well. In this world, there would probably be no female creatures that could enter his heart. Even the most beautiful girl in the school wa...
Angel Play Piano [LK] by readingsunday
Angel Play Piano [LK]by ☀️
The passionate journey of two prodigious musicians, Lalisa Kim and Jung Jungkook. Their chance encounter at a grand performance sets the stage for a love story that tran...
Love You More Than I Can by LiliGirlz_032797
Love You More Than I Canby LiliGirlz_032797
It had been two years since their marriage. However, every time he had s*x with her, he always did it from backwards. She was more than angry. "Jeon Jungkook! Why...
Big Villain Want To Marry Me (Book 1)  | L.K Adaptation by kathujaan
Big Villain Want To Marry Me ( silent moon
Lisa turned into a four-year old cute baby in a novel The Lisa in the novel would become the vicious second female lead in the book, where she will do all sorts of bad...
You and Me #LisKook #COMPLETED by AnnaPeytonisMe
You and Me #LisKook #COMPLETEDby AnnaPeytonisMe
Have you ever wondered how would it be like if you were married to your crush? How about if you were expecting his baby? What would that make you feel? Well, this is a s...
Completed✓| Bullies in love with bad girls? | BANGPINK ff | by Always_Different738
Completed✓| Bullies in love with 🤫
Blackpink is a group of four girls. They are cold and rude and are known to be emotionless. But...this isn't the truth, they have feelings too but after getting so much...
When a snail falls in love | Liskook  by Lisadora123
When a snail falls in love | Lisadora123
In this world, there is the beautiful mutual and telepathy love. "I've been pursuing you for so long, what do you think?' Lisa could feel her heart pounding in her...
The Villain's Mother by LMadaptations
The Villain's Motherby LMadaptations
Upon waking up, Ruan Lisa had transmigrated into a webnovel that she had stayed up all night to finish reading. She had become the villain's mother. In the novel, after...
SINGLE MOTHER by koooooookieeeeeee
Lisa and Jungkook had a good relationship with each other. They were both in love with each other but one day Lisa find out she was just a Playboy's bet. Lisa broke up w...
TEXTING YOU | LK ✔️ by houseofpinks
[ LISKOOK ] "who keeps on texting me at 3am??" BLACKPINK LISA begged GOT7 BAMBAM for BTS JUNGKOOK's number which is LISA's crush.
Spend Money To Prevent Disasters!  by bananaqueforsale
Spend Money To Prevent Disasters! by danee:>
Ye Lisa inherited not only a run-down house, but also an engagement. Her fiancé met his true love and suddenly asked to break off the engagement while stating that he d...
Limerence [Liskook] by Inyourpen
Limerence [Liskook]by Inyourpen
People only see your success... not your journey to be successful. If you have money then you will not be judged even if you are wrong. We only know what we were seen...