[1] Problem

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??? (POV)

"Sir! We have a problem!", I exclaimed. I handed him the paperwork. He grabbed it without even looking at it and threw it away. "Sir-"..."Call me Kun. And there is nothing wrong- Now continue with the project", he yelled. "But si-... I mean Kun. This is something we need to look into before- ".."Silent!"...I quickly stood up straight and stayed quiet. "Push the button", he exclaimed.

Aishhh! Does he not have ears?!

"Just let me remind you that this isn't a regular type of gas were dealing with- This is a deadly gas and if anything goes wro-"..."IF anything goes wrong, Nothing is going to happen...Now push the goddamn button!", he shouted getting irritated.

I went up and was hesitant........"Im sorry sir but we have a serious problem and we must look into it before activating it", I exclaimed. He then came up and pushed me to the floor, as he pushed it instead. "See, It wasn't that hard to push it...Was it?", he smiled.

I got up and looked at the screen, seeing that everything was going good. What the, but this data says something's not right, I must've seen it wrong. "See I told you- Nothing is wron-"...


"What's happening, it was just going great", Kun asked. "Sir! Its the tank- It broke and now the gas is leaking through the cracks!", one of my men yelled, rushing inside handing me another sheet of paper with new sets of data. "What?!". This is bad.

I quickly scanned through the papers and was surprised...then Kun snatches it out of my hand and was shocked as well..."How could this happen!?", he asked being frustrated. "This is all your fault, you had one job!", he shouted, blaming me.

I quickly looked at the camera feed of the tanks, and the gas was leaking everywhere. I turned back to Kun who was stressing out. "We have to warn the governor about this- We need to initiate an evacuation of the city! This gas is deadly!", I exclaimed. "No, we can't", he replied. "Why not? This gas can kill thousands of people or more!", I yelled angrily.

"If we tell the governor about this, he will fire me". "So you rather save your reputation than those innocent people who are about to die-"..."Well there technically not dead, or alive", he mumbled quietly. "What do you mean?!", I asked being confused.


"We have to get out of here". Kun immediately ran off as if he wasn't the one who caused this whole thing. "Yah- We have to solve this!", I shouted. "Forget it. We have 17 hours left, this gas can spread out fast- We need to leave now", he exclaimed and ran off. "Kun you coward!".

I looked back at the big screen, and there was a countdown of 17 hours. What am I going to do now. This is all my fault.

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