[2] Carnival

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Narrator (POV)

V, Jin, Jisoo, and Jennie were all watching t.v, while Suga was still playing video games on his phone, and with Jhope sleeping on his shoulder like a cute baby. Jennie's stomach then started growling, "I'm going to get something to snack on", she said and walked off to the kitchen along with Jisoo following.

A few minutes later someone knocked on the door, and Jin got up, answering the door, its Jimin and Rose. They walked in, and just in time Jungkook and Lisa were on there way back down.

Lisa and Rose started talking about how they couldn't drink anymore, and everyone else was just minding their own business, but then there's V watching the news where he sees something weird and feels like they all should see it.

"Guys look", V said out loud, grabbing all of there attention. Now that he has everyone's attention, except Suga who was just too into his game not wanting to die and Jhope who is still knocked out.

Rose (POV)

"What?". "Look.What are those things?", he asked pointing at the screen. We all went and looked at the screen and I can tell we were all in shock..."What the hell is that?"


There are many people who were running all over the place...And some people are chasing other people and.....is...eating...them...Wtf-



The t.v suddenly then turned off. "What! What happened", I asked. "I turned it off", someone says from behind. We all looked back and see Jennie who was holding the remote.."Why did you turn it off unnie?", Lisa asked.

"Because we're going somewhere"...We all looked at each other confused. "Where?"..."The carnival", she said in excitement. "What?".

"Jennie and I thought it would be nice to go out and do something fun because its been forever since we went out all together, since we've all been busy with school as well. So this is something good to get all that weight off of us", Jisoo explained. "Really? Yay-", someone shouts. I looked and it was Jhope...

"What the- Weren't you sleeping?", V asked. "I was, but I heard the word carnival, so I quickly got up. So when are we going?", he asked being excited. "Right now".

"But did you not see what the news said?", Jin asked. "That was happening in America, not here"...

Jungkook (POV)

Jungkook (POV)

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