[4] Broken

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Jungkook (POV)

We arrived at the house, and I quickly hopped out, and ran inside the house, with Jin following. I kicked the door open as I rushed around the house looking to see if Lisa was here. The others rushed inside locking the door and covering the windows.

Jin just fell to the floor crying knowing they weren't here. Hobi walked over to him as he bent down comforting him.

"Where is she?!", I cried. "I'm sure they're fine", Rose replied. "Shut up! You were with her! How did you lose her!?", I yelled making her tear up. "Yah! Jungkook, I understand why your mad, but don't talk to her like that!", Jimin scolded, backing me off.

I just rolled my eyes..."I'm going out to look for her", I exclaimed. "You can't! There's a lot of those creatures out there still", RM replied. "I don't care! Lisa's still out there, along with Jisoo". I walked out, but then Hobi and Tae stopped me.

"Jungkook please calm down!", they begged holding me back. "Aish Let go! I'm going out to find her". One of those creatures saw us and ran towards us, but I didn't care. I only thought of Lisa, and Lisa only...along with Jisoo noona.

"Jungkook! Look out!!", Hobi yelled. The girl creature got closer and was about to attack me, but then someone shot her down making me flinch. I looked up and it was five girls with one holding a gun pointing it at me. "Woah-"

They came running up our porch, as they were heavily breathing, "Can we come in please?", they pleaded. "Uhhh- yes hurry", Jennie said, as the girl's face lit up, sighing in relief that they let them in, despite the fact that they were strangers. They came running in as I shut the door just in time, as those creatures were banging, trying to break down the door.

We all then backed away from the door as I looked back at those five girls.."Who are you guys?", Jennie asked. "Uhh..my name is Tzuyu, and these are my best friends...Nayeon, Mina, Sana, and Dahyun", she greeted with a weak smile and put the gun down on the counter to let us know that they weren't gonna harm us.

"Thank you for letting us in...we really appreciate it", Nayeon said.

"You're welcome... By the way, I'm Jennie, Rose and the rest of these guys are our friends", Jennie introduced. I walked off still sad that we couldn't find Lisa or Jisoo anywhere, but someone then grabbed my arm...

I looked back and it was that girl, Tzuyu. "Thank you-"..."Whatever", I replied carelessly and walked upstairs and into Lisa's room.

Jennie (POV)

Jungkook then walked upstairs. "Sorry. He's usually not like that, he just...or we lost-", I said but then stopped, on the verge of crying. Tae comes towards me and hugs me tightly, making me cry on his chest. "Don't cry, it's okay", he comforted.

"We lost some of our group as well", Tzuyu says getting my attention. "Really I'm sorry-"..."They were right behind us, but then we looked back and t-they were g-gone", she said tearing up as her friends went and comforted her as well.


I peeked through the window, and see those creatures everywhere, still wandering. "What are we going to do? We can't stay here for long...We're gonna run out of food and we don't have anything to protect ourselves with", Suga exclaimed. "Your right. We need to get out of here and into the forest", I said. "Why the forest?".

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