[10] Reunited

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Lisa (Pov)

I ran down an alleyway, while the walkers kept chasing after me. Damn, don't they ever get tired?! I was losing my breath and my legs couldn't run any longer. I started running slower, trying to catch my breath hoping someone would come save me.

"Hey! Over here", someone shouted. I looked up and see a guy in all black. I ran towards him as he shot some of the walkers down. "Hurry, let's go!". We both ran, but then ended up at a dead end.

Luckily I spotted a ladder. "Look". The guy quickly ran and grabbed onto it and started climbing, while I followed behind, but then one of the walkers caught my foot, trying to drag me back down. I used my other foot and started kicking there face and hands to let go.

After making it fall, I continued climbing but then felt like the ladder was about to fall. "Hurry up", the guy yelled. I looked down and they were shaking it, some even tried climbing up the ladder. I climbed even faster and finally reached the roof. I quickly kicked down the ladder, with the help of the guy.

I then fell to the floor breathing heavily, while pain is just flowing through my whole body, especially my legs. The guy also fell to the floor trying to catch his breath as well. "Thank you". "Whatever", he replied rudely.

Jimin (Pov)

"Did Rose and Jennie come back yet?", I asked Tae. "Nope, but I'm starting to get worried", he replied. "Should we go look for them?". "Yeah, we should". We grabbed our guns and started walking towards Jungkook and everyone else who is setting up the tents, "We'll be back Suga", I said.

"Where you guys going?", Jungkook asked. "Look for Rose and Jennie". "Okay, but-", then he paused and pulled out his gun. I looked back thinking it was a walker, but no.....it was Rose being held by guys with a gun pointed at her face.

"J-Jimin!", Rose cried......."Who the hell are you?! Let go of her!", I shouted being outraged pointing the gun at him. Then another guy pops out with Jennie, with two other girls. "Jennie? Let go of them", Tae shouted, pulling the trigger. "Shoot, and a bullet goes in there head", he warned. "Put down your guns or else-", the other guy yelled, pushing the gun harder into there faces.

We all looked at each other, and RM nodded his head. I slowly put my gun on the floor still looking at Rose who was crying. It breaks my heart when she's crying. "Okay now give them back". He started laughing. "I don't think so-". "What?! I'm going to kill you-", I then stopped when he clicked his gun.

"Please don't hurt her", I begged. "Why do you care so much for this one? Oh, wait...Is this your girlfriend?", he asked chuckling. "She's pretty", he smirked and started touching her face about to kiss her..."Don't fucking touch her!", I angrily exclaimed.

He then points his gun at me, "No! Jimin don't", Rose cried.

Jennie (Pov)

Tae and I just stared at each other trying to come up with a plan. The guy who held onto me started pointing his gun at V as I used this perfect time. I aggressively elbowed his chest and slapped the gun out of his hand, and grabbed it from the air, and pointed the gun at him. He quickly put his hands up in the air.

The other guy was about to shoot, but I quickly acted fast and shot his leg, making him let go of Rose. Jimin quickly grabs Rose as he then lets go of Rose and went to the guy who was aching in pain from the gunshot wound.

Jimin then stood on his wound aggressively pushing on it making him scream in pain as he then pulled him up by his shirt and punched him over and over again messing up his face.

Jungkook rushes over to me, stopping me. "That's enough", he exclaimed as I finally let go of him.

Then we heard another gun click, I quickly turned around and it was two girls holding the gun at us. "Drop your gun!", I exclaimed. They still held it up high in the air and I can see the fear in their eyes.

Tzuyu (Pov)

Nayeon and all of us stayed hidden in the RV, not wanting to see what was going on. There was yelling, and then a gunshot which made all of us more scared. We all kept our heads down, hugging each other.

I slowly got up peeking through the window, seeing two girls pointing their guns at Jennie and V. "Drop your gun", Jennie exclaimed pointing the gun at them as well. The girls ignored the direction, but why do they look familiar...

Their face came more clear as I was shocked and surprised at who it was. I quickly ran out of the RV, with Nayeon, Sana, and Dahyun telling me to get back in. "Don't shoot", I shouted. Everyone looked at me confused, as I ran and stood in front of Jennie and V.

"What are you doing?", Jennie asked. "Chaeyoung, Jihyo, it's me...Tzuyu", I said tearing up being happy that there okay. They looked at me for the longest time, and then finally realized who I was. "T-Tzuyu?!", Jihyo cried.

They both dropped there guns, as I ran to them hugging them. We all hugged each other crying. "I thought you guys were dead!", I cried out loud. "I thought you were dead too", Jihyo replied crying. "How did you guys get out?". "These guys saved us", I said.

They both got up and bowed to everyone, apologizing. "I'm sorry, please forgive us, and thank you for saving our maknae", Jihyo and Chaeyoung bowed. Everyone was still confused about what was going on.

"Omo!", Nayeon, Sana, and Chaeyoung shouted being so happy. They both looked up and saw the rest. "You guys are alive too?!", they both screamed with joy. They all ran to each other and had a big group hug, crying, but it was happy cries.

"Can someone tell me what's going on because I'm so confused?", Suga exclaimed. I looked back laughing. "They are our best friends that we got separated from", I replied. "OhHhHhHh", everyone replied now understanding.

I ran up to Nayeon and the rest of them joining the group hug.

Jennie (Pov)

Rm, Suga, Jin, and Jungkook grabbed the two guys and tied them to a tree. "Let us go!", one of them yelled. "Shut the hell up!", Jimin replied. "Are you okay?", I asked walking up to Rose. "I'm fine- How about you?". "I'm good". "That was such a cool move you did there". "Oh, the gun thing- that was nothing", I chuckled being flattered.

Then we both looked back at Tzuyu and her group of friends who were laughing and crying at the same time. "Must be nice to see all your friends", I said being jealous. "I know!", Rose stuttered. I looked at her and she looked sad.

"Where are they, Jennie? Why haven't they shown up already!?", she asked sobbing on my chest dramatically as I just patted her back.

To be continued...

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