[51] Guy Under Hoodie

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Tzuyu (POV)

I walked back into the room, laughing to myself, remembering how Jungkook hugged me. "So how did it go?", Chaeyoung asked. I just looked at her with the biggest smile, smirking. "So I can tell something good happened. Huh?", she chuckled.

"We hugged!", I squealed. "Wow and how did that happen?". "He brought up my mom and I started to cry about my mother", I explained. She just looked at me like I was crazy, since the topic was about my mother.

"Oh don't worry I was just fake crying...Do you really think I would cry over that bitch!", I scoffed..."So..-"..."So I knew he would comfort me if I confessed what that bitch did to me! And he did", I smirked.

I was a bit...or to be honest. I was very hurt when talking about my cruel mother, but just acted as if I didn't care since people would look at me like a weakling. "So what happened next?", she asked, desperately wanting to hear more details.

"I tried to kiss him...but then we heard gunshots", I pouted. "What about Lisa-"..."What about her!! I don't care! She can suck my damn toe for all I care", I said rolling my eyes. Just hearing her name gave me a headache. "Not trying to burst your bubble, but Jungkook is always gonna choose Lisa!", Chaeyoung exclaimed.

"That's why I'm trying to rush to get Jungkook to fall in love with me!...You should've seen the way he looked at me with those beautiful, sparkly eyes", I said, daydreaming.

"It's so obvious he likes me! He's probably trying to get rid of Lisa nicely", I giggled. "Haha, get him girl!", Chaeyoung chuckled, hyping me up.

But I then noticed that Jihyo wasn't in the room. "Where's-"..."Jihyo? She went to the bathroom", she replied, as I replied with an 'oh' face...

Narrator (POV)

Mingyu was on the bed, sweating having a nightmare of his sister dying all over and over again. Right after a bullet was shot, he rose from the bed, heavily breathing.

Tears were streaming down both of his cheeks with him not even noticing it. "Your awake", the doc said, walking in on him. "How long have I been asleep?", he asked. "Not that long, but now that your up we need to talk!", she said with a very serious tone.

"What is it about-"...But then he cut himself off when he remembered Bambam and Rose. He got up from the bed and stormed out, seeing Bambam who was just chilling on a rock, looking at Milo's broken bracelet.

Before Mingyu even woke up, Bambam searched the whole place, finding no one. He still kept his faith and believed that she was still alive somewhere, hopefully hoping she's safe and well.

He wanted to leave, but wasn't allowed unless he wanted to be shot.

But back to Mingyu, he pulled out his gun and pointed it right at Bambam. "YOU!", he shouted grabbing Bambams attention. "Woah, woah!", Bambam said, putting his arms up.

"Where's that other person you were with!?", he shouted getting everyone's attention, but sadly Bts and Exo weren't there to save him, since they went to take another, cold nice bath they haven't had in a long time.

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