[45] Accident

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Rose (POV)

"I'm tired", Milo groaned. "Let's stop here", I said as we sat down and sighed from being tired and hungry. "I'm so hungry Unnie", she whined....I just stayed quiet, thinking of Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie, hoping they are safe and sound.

I hope they all made it out!

"Rose!", Milo shouted snapping me out of my thoughts. "Y-Yeah?"..."I'm hungry". "Oh I'm sorry, but there's nothing to eat", I replied wanting food as well. Noodles sound good right now! My mouth started to water, just thinking about all the foods I'm craving right now.

"Do you think everyone made it out? Including Jennie Unnie?", Milo asked. "I'm not sure, but I really hope she did! I hope they all did". "What if she didn't? What if none of them did??". "No, I know they did", I hoped.

"What if-"..."Can you stop talking and just sit there!!", I shouted, being annoyed since so many things were running around my mind, but then I noticed that I was a bit too rude. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell, I'm just scared, hoping they made it out", I replied, apologizing.

"It's okay-"..."Ahhh", someone scream, getting both of our attentions. We both quickly stood up as I grabbed Milo closer to me. "What was that??", Milo asked with a shaky voice. "Uhh it's nothing, it's just the birds", I lied, just trying to make myself remain calm. "How is that a bird?!"..."Uhh it's a new type of species", I guessed.

Then we heard the screaming again, and it was getting louder and closer. I pulled Milo behind me as I grabbed my gun that only had two bullets left. "Who is that??", Milo cried. "Shhh!".

I clicked my gun and waited for someone to pop up. My hands were shaking and I could barely see a thing. The only thing that was running around my head were zombies. Blood thirsty zombies. "Run", I whispered. Milo looks up at me confused. "I want you to run once I say so, okay?! I want you to keep running and don't stop until you feel like your safe!", I exclaimed.

"But I want to stay here with you!"..."I'm afraid that if we'll be attacked by zombies, I won't be able to save you! We don't know how many there are!"..."O-Okay", she replied with a shaky, scared tone.

The noise of someone rustling through the bushes and leaves made it more scary, especially when it's nighttime. It was like Texas Chainsaw.

It was getting closer and closer. I clicked my gun, getting prepared. Oh please be Jimin! Please! Someone then popped up, scaring the shit out of me, which made me shoot a bullet. "RUNN MILO!!", I screamed, as she desperately ran for her life, crying.

I looked down to see what I shot and all I heard was groaning......I slowly moved closer to see who it was, and once I got a clear look, I dropped the gun and covered my mouth from being completely shocked.

"UNNIE!!!!", I screamed, crying out loud. Jisoo was on the floor with blood rushing out from her shoulder. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was you!!", I cried. I quickly took off my shirt and placed it on her bleeding wound.

My hands were all covered in blood, which scared me and made me feel nauseous. "Hang on Unnie! Your gonna be okay!".

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