[40] Invasion (Pt. 2)

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Narrator (Pov)

Tzuyu sat down on the ground, still annoyed that she had to do work. "Are you just gonna sit there and watch?!!...Come do something!", Nayeon scolded. She got up throwing a fit, and grabbed her shirt and started scrubbing.

"Are you okay?", Jihyo asked. "No, I am not okay!", Tzuyu exclaimed, angrily. She then started softly patted her eye. "Is it bad?", she asked. "Yeah, very bad". Tzuyu then went mad, since her face was all messed up and was also not in the mood to do anything.

She aggressively threw her wet shirt and it hit Nayeon's face, making everyone gasp, expect her. "I'm done listening to your bullshit!", she exclaimed and walked off. Nayeon rolled her eyes and threw the shirt back, at the back of Tzuyu's head.

"YAH!!", she yelled and glared at Nayeon. "What! You won't touch me!", Nayeon exclaimed. Tzuyu was getting more pissed, since Nayeon was testing her patience. She stormed towards Nayeon, as Nayeon surprisingly slapped Tzuyu in the face.

"That's it! You've done it!", Tzuyu shouted and tackled Nayeon into the water, punching and pulling her hair. Sana tried to pull Tzuyu off, but Jihyo stopped her. "What the hell are you doing?!", Sana shouted.

"Leave them!", Chaeyoung exclaimed. "Let them solve there own problem"..."This isn't gonna solve anything, it's just gonna make things worse than it already is!", Sana exclaimed...

Nayeon then punched Tzuyu's black eye, making her scream in pain. "I'm older than you and you should respect me! I did everything for you and this is how you repay me!", she shouted. "Your not my mother!", Tzuyu angrily screamed and pushed Nayeon down underwater and held her down.

Nayeon tried to get back up, since she was losing her breath, but Tzuyu strongly held her down. "ENOUGH TZUYU!!!", Sana shouted and pushed Tzuyu off. Nayeon quickly got back up, desperately gasping for air.

"This is what will happen if you test my patience again!", Tzuyu warned. Nayeon just stared at her and cried in Sana's arms. She was shocked that Tzuyu tried to kill her. Never in Nayeon's life, did she think that her own best friend would do that, especially when they go way back.

"Did you forget what I did for you?!", Nayeon cried. "That was in the past!...Did you forget that I was your friend? Yes you did! You always took Blackpink's side!...Were your friends Nayeon! Not them!", Tzuyu exclaimed.

Nayeon ignored and just continued to cry.....Tzuyu, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung walked off, leaving the two just in the water. "It's oka-"...then out of nowhere, a zombie from behind grabbed Sana and bit her neck, making her scream.

Nayeon started screaming as well and tried to push the walker off of Sana. She then quickly pulled out her gun and shot it's head. Tzuyu and the other two stopped and looked back and were shocked to see what just happened.

Sana and Nayeon looked into each other's eyes, as both of there eye's started to water. "N-Nayeon?", Sana called as she fell, but Nayeon quickly grabbed her and hugged her.

"I'm going to die, right?", Sana cried, making Nayeon cry as well. "No! Don't say that! Were gonna fix it, okay?", Nayeon comforted, knowing she was gonna turn. "Nayeon, she's not gonna make it!", Tzuyu exclaimed.

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