[6] Plan

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Jennie (POV)

I got up from the bed with my eyes half-open. I went to the bathroom, but it was locked. Ugh! I waited for a bit. What is taking this person so long!? I started knocking, but no answer.

"Is anyone in here?...Hobi is that you?", I called. No answer. I used my nails to open the door, and walked in, and see Mina on the floor with blood all over the counter and ground... "Omo! Mina are you okay? What happened to you", I asked walking towards her. No answer. "Mina?". I got closer and peeked at what she was doing.

"Ahhhh! Mina what are you doing to Leo!!?", I yelled. She looked back and I was so shocked, I fell to the floor, scared.

I looked at Leo, who was half-eaten and dead..."OMG Mina?!"

She started crawling towards me slowly, like a possessed girl while I kept crawling backward's fast

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She started crawling towards me slowly, like a possessed girl while I kept crawling backward's fast. I started tearing up, being scared... "How did this happen to you?".  She started crawling faster, and I quickly got up and ran for the door, I tried shutting it, but she was too strong.

I let go and quickly ran and started screaming for everyone to wake up. I ran down the hallway, and see Tae at the end of the hall confused. "RUN!", I shouted. He looked behind me and was surprised. "

Instead of running away, he came towards me. "What are you doing?!". He ran passing me and kicked Mina down and then grabbed my arm. We quickly ran downstairs and yelled at everyone to wake up. "What's wrong?", RM asked.

Everyone was now awake and confused. "What! What's wrong?!", Suga asked being annoyed that we interrupted his sleep. We then heard a deep, dark growl up on the stairs. "M-Mina?!", Tzuyu shouted in shock.

Mina was on top of the stairs, but then fell and rolled down the stairs as we heard every single one of her bones breaking. She got up and slowly walked towards us with her body being demented. "MINA?!!", Nayeon shouted being shocked. "What happened to her?", they all asked crying out loud. Tae grabbed me, and hid me behind him.

Sana slowly walked towards Mina as she was crying and was surprised. "No, No- Why?!", she cried. "Get back over here", Nayeon exclaimed. Chaeyoung quickly grabbed Sana.

Tzuyu (POV)

I held onto Nayeon, crying, and was covering my eyes not wanting to see what is going on, but then remembered something..."The gun!", I said out loud. We all looked and it was behind Mina, on the counter.

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