[30] Faded

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Kun (Pov)

I had the walkie talkie in my hand and tried to find service around the forest, but all I got was static noise, which was irritating my soul. "Fucking work! Shit!", I shouted hitting it...Then I heard a voice from the walkie talkie, and quickly tried to respond.

"Hello! Is anyone out there?! Over!....Hello! Over!", I asked desperately, waiting for a reply. Please, please, fucking please! "Y-Y-Ye-"...the static kept interrupting until the voice was clear....


"Uh-huh...Okay". I got up shouting with joy, but then quickly quiet down, not trying to make anyone hear or find out about this. It's better to go alone! Those shitheads would make everything worse, especially because they all argue too much.

It's best for me to leave now! Sooner the better! I quietly walked behind the RV, looking around if anyone saw, but everyone was busy doing their jobs. I quickly, but quietly grabbed the bag of weapons and looked in and was amazed at how amazing the weapons were.

I quickly grabbed the bag and a few canned foods that will help me last for a few days until I meet up with those people. I quickly rushed out of the campsite and looked back to see if anyone followed, but not one person.

I turned my back and ran until I bumped into someone making me fall back. I looked up and saw.................. Baekhyun and Chen. FUCK!! "What are you doing?", Chen asked. "Uh...n-nothing". I got up, trying to hide the bag, but I'm sure they noticed it already. Shit! I'm fucked!

"What's in that bag?.... Wait is that...", then Baekhyun paused and whispered something in Chen's eyes, making him widen his eyes....."Give us the bag!!", Chen exclaimed.

"No!". "Give it to us or we'll put a bullet right in your fucking head!", they warned. "Fine!". I slowly put the bag down, as I put one of my hands behind my pants grabbing the gun, I secretly hid, just in case of any emergencies.

I dropped the bag and quickly pointed the gun and both of there heads. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Calm the fuck down!", Chen shouted. "I need this bag and I need to get the hell out of here!", I exclaimed.

"Where are you even going? There's no one out there!", said Baekhyun. "Your wrong! I just talked to someone and they said there was a safe place", I replied. They were both shocked. "How do you know they're telling the truth"..."I don't, so I'm taking a risk", I exclaimed bravely but was absolutely terrified on the inside.

"Give me the bag!", I shouted. "How the hell do you know about this bag!?", Chen asked. "You think you two are slick! I saw you guys sneaking behind RM, Suga, and Jungkook's back while they pulled out the weapons!", I replied.

"So you fucking stalked us?!!", Chen shouted, clicking his gun. "No, why the fuck would I waste my time stocking your dumbass! I just passed by and saw!"..."How far is this place anyway?", he asked. "Why?"..."Because it looks like we'll be going together", he smirked.

"Hell no-"..."Or I can just shoot your ass and no one would give a shit!", he warned. "Don't you have friends here!?"..."You mean our 'buddies', who just sit their ass here doing nothing, like the worlds not gonna fucking end!", he complained. "This is the end!"

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