[50] T-Shirt

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Narrator (POV)

After, Jungkook let go of Tzuyu, he felt uncomfortable, as Tzuyu was giving him the biggest smile. "Thank you", Tzuyu said and hugged him again, but he slightly pushes her off. "That's enough", he laughed, not tryna make it awkward, but it already was.

"Uhmm...Thank you for comforting me it means a lot since I never got that while growing up... and I'm sorry for that", she said referring to the mark on his neck.

"Oh it's fine I guess", he awkwardly said, since he would never forget that moment. Tzuyu then tried to touch his neck, as he moved back. "What are you doing?!"..."I'm seeing if it hurts", she said, but was only just trying to touch him.

She then almost touched it, but then acted sneaky and quickly tried to kiss him in the lips, but then a gun shots quickly cuts her off, grabbing both of there attentions. "What is that??", she asked. He ignored and quickly rushed to see what was going on.

They both ran and saw a group of people by the gates. "What's happening?", Tzuyu asked Chaeyoung . "There's people by the gates and I guess it happens to be Rose", she explained making both her and Jungkook shocked.


Bambam quickly grabbed Rose and pushed her, saving her from the zombie that was about to attack her. He then remembered his gun and grabbed it and quickly shot the walker right in the leg, but it kept running at them.

He took one last shot and aimed it right in the head.

He then shot the others that were running towards them, but after three bullets, there were none left. "Where did these zombies even come from?!!", Rose said. Bambam tried to think of a way to get in since Mingyu wouldn't open up the gates.

"Come here!", he said to Rose quickly grabbing her. "What are you planning?"..."Your gonna help me get to the top and then once I'm up, I'll pull you up", he explained. "Why can't I go up first?", Rose asked.

"Because your not strong enough to lift me up!", he exclaimed. She looked back at the zombies and they were about to reach them. "Fine, hurry up!".

She quickly bent down, as Bambam stood on her back making her wobble and unstable to stay still. He then put his whole weight on her, making her face turn red. She was struggling so hard to not give up since her back was hurting since Bambam weighed 3 times more than her.

"HURRY UP!! I CANT HOLD YOU MUCH LONGER!!", she shouted. He tried reaching the tipity top with his fingers, but still couldn't quite reach it. He then jumped and grabbed it with one arm and started lifting himself up.

Rose then started breathing heavily and quickly got up and helped Bambam stay up, by makig him step on her head.

Her whole body was in pain, but she ignored it since she was desperately trying to stay alive. Bambam then got to the top, but once he reached the top Mingyu was standing there and pushed him back down, but Bambam acted fast and grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him down with him.

They both slammed there backs on the ground so hard making them both ache in pain. Rose quickly rushed and helped up Bambam. "I'll carry you up instead!", he said, still in pain and carried her up.

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