[9] Plan (Pt. 4)

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Lisa (Pov)

Sehun slowly opens the door as we all held onto each other's hands tightly. Please let this work! He opens it and hundreds of zombies start walking towards us slowly, sniffing us. I held in my breath as one of them came up close to Suho as he was closing his eyes being scared.

My heart started pounding fast hoping my plan works. It looked intently into his eyes, but then walked away, and went passed us. We all then sighed in relief. "Are you okay?", Sehun whispered as he looked at us on the verge of crying, which was kinda funny.

We walked out of the store, and into a crowd of millions of zombies everywhere, just roaming around bored. There's a lot of them. We all looked at each other nervously. "It's okay- Just act like them", I whispered.

They nodded their heads and we continued to walk slowly, very slowly. Many of the walkers kept eyeing us, being suspicious, but then ignored. "How far is the police station?", I asked quietly nudging Sehun.

"About a mile away", he replied. "You got to be kidding me".

Narrator (pov)

Bts, Rose, and Jennie, along with half of the Twice members are on there way to the forest, where it's safe. Everything they need is in the RV and they can rest at ease now, but!.... Who knows, are they going to be the only ones in the forest? Other survivors? Or will it also be filled with walkers? Is it really safe in the forest?....

But back to Lisa and the rest of the crew, they are still walking... Slowly walking through the streets of the City of Seoul, filled with walkers everywhere! They need to be extra careful, just one wrong move, and everything goes wrong, but nothing happens.....Until it starts raining...

Lisa (Pov)

We all kept moving swiftly, but carefully, but I felt something hit my cheek. It felt cold and wet. I looked up at the sky, finding a big dark, grey cloud over us.

Just seconds later, it started raining.....raining hard. All the blood and guts on our bags started washing away. Oh Shit! No!-

The walkers around us, started looking at us, walking closer to us... "What's wrong?", Suho cried out loud. "It's the rain! It's washing away the smell". We all looked at each other, with our eyes widely open knowing what was gonna happen next.

One of the walkers then ran towards us, screaming as I quickly pulled out my gun and shot it's forehead. I should've never done that!...

All the heads of the walkers started turning their heads at us, getting ready to run and eat us. "oh shit...RUN!", I shouted. We all ran as fast as we could, while a crowd of zombies started chasing after us.

We got our guns out and started shooting the ones in front of us. We kept shooting and shooting, but then my bullets ran out. Damn it! A walker ran towards me, and I quickly hit it with the back of the gun and pushed it away as Jisoo shot it down.

"Thanks". I grabbed her arm and we ran as fast as we could following the others. We stayed behind Kai and Sehun since they were the only ones with bullets. "I see it", Chanyeol shouted showing the police station.

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