[18] Bye Mommy (Pt. 2)

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Milo (Pov)

I slowly crawled back, as mom was getting up...No, wait. "I shouldn't even consider calling that monster mom! That's a beast that has overtaken mom's body, which it kills me to see", I said to myself. I started looking around for the gun and spotted it behind her.

The walker then started screaming and came running at me with full speed, as I quickly got up and ran to the room, slamming the door.

I backed away from the door, crying. "Please leave me alone!", I shouted, crying out loud...I then rushed to look for the walk-in talkie, checking all over myself, but there was nothing.

The door then started breaking down and I knew right away, she was going to come crashing in any second. Bam hurry home~ I quickly rushed inside the closet and sat there covering my mouth from making any noise.

I spotted the old teddy bear I had ever since I was a little girl and grabbed it. I held it tight and quietly cried, while the walker came breaking in.

It was searching for me...It could sense me...I could tell.

Please hurry home Bambam, I'm scared.


{Still Milo's POV}

"So I just stayed quiet, as she just roamed the room, breaking everything...I honestly thought I was going to die", I explained. "I'm sorry you had to witness something like that", said Lisa as she came, being sympathetic and hugged me as I cried.

"But who the hell killed her?", Bambam asked repeatedly said being confused. "I don't know". "I just feel like it was Kun!", he exclaimed angrily. "But we're not sure- Anyone could've just came in", Lisa thought.

"Who? Who would just come in and shoot my mother and leave- Nothing was stolen, but my mother's life", Bambam says on the verge of crying...Again. I walked over to him and tried calming him down. "I should've never left- It's my fault mom's gone", he cried. "Don't blame yourself".

"We'll leave you two alone", said Lisa, as she walked off, along with the guy next to her.

"But who would kill mom- She's never offended, anyone"... "I know, but I'm kind of glad she left", I said. "What- How can you speak like that"... "If you think of it, there are two good reasons- One, Mom won't have to suffer in this damn world, she'll be in peace now... And two, she's with dad", I explained tearing up.

Bambam then grabbed me in for another hug, wiping my tears and being the best, and the only sibling I have. "Your right! Mom is now in peace with dad!... I failed to save mom, but this time...I won't fail when it comes to you"...

"And??", I said waiting for another name. "And......Lisa?", he chuckled. "She is like our family now, so we have to stick together no matter what!"...

Chen (Pov)

Baekhyun and I peeked through the bushes, looking around to see if anyone was near the RV. "There's no one...Go go go". We both quickly and sneakily rushed over to the RV, avoiding everyone around. "Wait, stop! Jimin and Rose are right there!", Baekhyun exclaimed, as we both quickly ducked our heads.

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