[35] Selfish Love

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Kai (Pov)

"I looked everywhere, there no where to be found! I swear these two are getting on my fucking nerves!", Chanyeol exclaimed. "Well then, where the fuck would they go?!"...All three of us just stood there, trying to think of a place, but we were all clueless.

"Wait! You know what I just noticed?", Suho asked. "What?"..."I just noticed that the Kun dude isn't even around as well". That got all of our attention. "Kun? The one who never talks?", I asked.

"Yeah that one, he's weird". "But that doesn't make any sense! Why would all three of them go missing??", I asked. "YAH!!", someone yelled from behind catching all three of us off guard.

I looked and it was RM, Suga, and Jhope. "What do you want?", I asked. "Give it to us!", RM exclaimed, making us confused. "Give you what?!"..."Don't act dumb! You should know what I'm asking for!".

"I don't know what your fucking talking about!", I exclaimed. "The bag! GIVE US THE FUCKING BAG!!", he yelled. "What fucking bag!?". "You're really trying to deny it?!"...then he pulled his gun out pointing it at me, and then we all pulled our guns out pointing it at someone.

"I don't know what bag you're talking about!"..."It's the weapon bag!....Where the fuck is your other two crackheads!?", he shouted. "Chen and Baekhyun?...We don't know!".

Then he started laughing. "You think we're dumb enough to believe you! Give us the bag and we'll leave! It's that simple!", he exclaimed. "For the last fucking time! I don't have no bag!", I shouted.

"And we're looking for those two, too! And if you're missing a bag of weapons, then for sure those idiots took it!", Suho explained. They all glared at us, thinking if we were telling the truth. "Go fucking check our tent if you don't believe us!", I exclaimed.

"Find them and bring my bag back and I'll let this slide....but if I find them first..."...he clicked his gun, showing that he would kill them if he found them first. Then all three of them walked away.

"If they took a bag of weapon, then for sure they've gone somewhere, where we won't be able to find them!", Chanyeol exclaimed.

Narrator (Pov)

Tzuyu was about to walk off, but then stopped. She looked back at Jungkook who was just laying there, lifeless. She slowly walked back and bent down beside him, just watching him. "What's so hard about saying you love me??", she asked as unstoppable tears just streamed down her cheeks.

"It's just three simple words! I...Love...You! It's not that hard to say!"...She then looked at his neck that had a red line. "Did I really do that?!", she asked. Her anger took over her actions, she didn't really realize what she did.

She then looked at Jungkook's lips and went down towards him, wanting to feel how it felt to be kissed again. She wants to feel that goodness inside of her. The feeling of her heart being fluttered.

She slowly went closer to him and her lips almost touched his, until Jungkook surprisingly opened his eyes, making her shocked.

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