[25] Chanrose

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Rose (Pov)

"Uhh, so my name is Chanyeol", Chanyeol greeted. "Uhh... I know that!... So are you going to help me, or are you just gonna stand there and say your name again!", I exclaimed. "Oh right!". He quickly started picking up a few blocks of wood. He's being weird!

I looked up at the sky and it was getting dark. "Let's head back before it gets too dark", I said, and we both walked off.


"Are you okay??", he asked. "Yeah", I replied emotionless. "You don't look fine! Is there something bothering you? You can talk to me"..."It's nothing, I'm fine", I laughed. I'm not fine!

"But umm, I've been wanting to say sorry to you", Chanyeol says. I looked at him confused..." Sorry for what?!". "For hitting you, remember?"...I had to think for a second, but then remembered. 

"Oh right! It hurt like a bitch by the way!". "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to"..."I know! But you really got to control your anger issues!", I chuckled.

"Anger issues?! If you want to see someone with REAL anger issues, just take a look at your boyfriend!"...ugh him!

Chanyeol (Pov)

 She then went quiet again. I wonder what's bothering her?? I should make her laugh. "Uhh wanna hear a joke?", I asked. "Sure"..."Uhh, what do you call a pig that does karate?"..."What?"..."A PORK CHOP!!", I laughed out loud.

She just looks at me like I was dumb. "Was that too corny?"..."Way too corny!", she replied. "Okay, how about another?", I asked wanting her to smile. "If it's another corny joke, keep it to yourself!", she exclaimed.

"What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops??"..."What?"..."Guardians of the Galaxy", I laughed, but she still didn't laugh. That was one of my best ones and she didn't laugh! "Haha funny, you should become a comedian!", she faked. "Another one?"..."No, it's okay". 

"Please just another one"..."Fine!", she exclaimed. "What do you call a fish without eyes?"..."What?"..."Fsh, HAHAHA Get it? Fsh! I took out the i in fish", I laughed hysterically. "I feel like I'm listening to my dad's jokes".

She's so mean! I thought they were funny! "Ugh, I give up!"...Then she burst out laughing, leaving me confused. "Did you finally get my jokes?!", I asked. "N-N-No-". She could barely talk because she was laughing too hard. "What's so funny??"...I wanna laugh too!

"Do that face you just did!", she laughed. "What face?"..."The face, when you said you give up!". Huh??!....."Oh, you mean this one?".......




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