[21] Plan (Pt. 3)

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Suga (Pov)

I kept walking back and forth nervously waiting for a signal..."Sit down, will you?! She'll be fine!", Irene exclaimed. "Your right! Your right! I'm just exaggerating!". "Yeah, you are!"...Then we heard multiple gunshots and without hesitation, I quickly ran out, but Irene grabs a hold of me... "Suga! No! That's just Seulgi! And your gonna mess up the plan!!", she yelled.

I stopped and took a deep breath... "You need to calm the fuck down!", she exclaimed. "Your right! I guess I'm just scared-". "Scared of what?", she asked. "Nothing!"..."NO! You're obviously scared of losing her! Why?!".

"BECAUSE!!....Because ever since we lost Lisa, everyone's been acting differently! Jungkook isn't the same and I just want to bring Lisa back! I hate seeing Jungkook like this!", I replied. "How is he different?! He looks perfectly normal to me!"...

"Well because you don't know Jungkook as I do! When we would be around the firepit, he would be out alone, somewhere in the dark, crying! And I know he is, I just didn't bother, because I couldn't do anything! I just want to see Jungkook laugh and smile again and apparently only Lisa can do that!", I exclaimed.

"Wow, you act like an asshole, but your lowkey a good and sweet person!", she chuckled. "I don't like to show my good side!"... "Why is that?", she asked. "I just don't!", I exclaimed. "Well, you should!"...

"Nah! I'm good! It's best to not show people your good side, or else they'll take you for advantage", I exclaimed. "Well, not all people! And it sounds like you've been hurt like you were taken advantage of", she replied. "Hurt? Pfff nope", I chuckled.

"You suck at ly-"...


We both quickly stopped talking and stood froze looking at each other, with our eyes wide open. "What was that?!", she asked. "I'm not sure!"..."Do you think that was the signal??"..."I don't know". Then we heard it again and this time the beeping did not stop. "Yup, I think that's the signal!", I exclaimed.

"Well then, what are we waiting for! Let's go!". We quickly got up and ran out of the door and out into the alleyway. We ran all the way down and peeked for any walkers, but there were none, not a single walker was out here!

What the...

"Wow, Lisa sure did take all the walkers with her!", Irene chuckled

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"Wow, Lisa sure did take all the walkers with her!", Irene chuckled.

Where ever you are, please be safe Lisa!

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