[38] Crash (Pt. 2)

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Narrator (Pov)

Deep into the city, down underground, there were people, not just any people, but businessmen who worked for the government. They are running everywhere, with many paperwork on the table and floor. "Sir! There's no use!", one man said. "NO! There has to be something! We're just not looking right!...Go away and next time you come in, I expect good news!", he shouted.

The poor guy who was tired and exhausted bowed, and walked off. The guy, in charge, sat in his chair, looking at the camera feeds of outside, and all he saw was a mess and walkers just roaming around, bored.

He laid back in his chair and sighed since he was a worn out.

He pulled out a picture that showed his wife, Nana (Nah-Nah). Just looking at it, made him tear up. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you-"...he stopped talking and ended up in a crying mess, wishing he could go back and change everything he and Kun did.


(5 hours after the deadly virus was released into the world)

Ever since Kun cowardly ran off, the poor guy was on his own, along with his men. They rushed to try to stop the gas from leaking. While he was looking through the computers of the data of how much gas leaked from the tank, one of his men came and tapped him.

He looked and saw his workmen crying so badly like he was beaten by his mother. "What? What is it?! What's wrong with you!?", he asked confusingly. "Sir, we messed up bad!", he cried out loud. "What do you mean?? We still have time to solve this-"..."No sir we're too late...Look at the news!", he said.

They both looked at the news and saw many, many people running and screaming at the carnival. He was so shocked and speechless. There were thousands of walkers eating people on the news as they watched. "D-D-Did we do this??", he asked. His workmen looked down in shame.

"I need to call my family! And you should too, sir", he said and rushed off crying, leaving him just watching the news. He couldn't move or do anything. "This is all my fault", he silently cried. Then the news lady was attacked by a walker and was eating her on live.....which scared him...

(the news reporter lady)

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(the news reporter lady)

The t.v. then went off, leaving just the static noise on. He took a step back trying to process everything he just saw and heard, but then his phone started ringing that scared the shit out of him. He grabbed his phone and saw.......'Love Ringing'....

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