[14] Back to the City

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Narrator (Pov)

"You okay sweetie?", Mrs. Bhuwakul (Bambams mother) asked. "I don't get why I can't go! I'm 14 years old and he still treats me like a little girl", Milo pouted. "He's just being a big brother and is watching over you". "I know, but sometimes he won't always be there, so I have to learn to protect myself!", Milo exclaimed.

"True, but I know Bambam would never leave you alone- I would kill him if he did", she chuckled, making Milo laugh as they hugged each other tightly. "What about you mom? Would you ever leave me and Bambam like what dad did to us?".

"Never sweetie". Then there was loud noises from outside the room, sounding like someone was throwing objects around. "Mom?", Milo quickly got scared and held onto her arm. "Stay here".."No mom don't go! Just wait until Bambam gets here", Milo begged thinking it's a walker.

"It's probably Kun", she stated. "Mom, I have a bad feeling about him ever since he came into our house", Milo exclaimed. "What do you mean?".."He's just weird and creepy! Sometimes I see him at night looking through dad's cupboards, and he's always staring at Lisa when she's sleeping. That's the creepy part!". "Don't talk bad about others", her mother exclaimed making her roll her eyes.

"We shouldn't trust him", she whined, then the noise got louder, startling both of them. "Go in the closet now and take the walkie talkie with you". Milo quickly does as she says and hides in the closet, as she watches her mother through the cracks of the door, walk out of the room.

Milo (Pov)

Mom walks out of the room, closing the door leaving me feeling scared. Usually, I wouldn't be scared because Bambam was here, but now he's gone..."Who are you-...Please-", mom screamed and then there was a gunshot, that surprised me. My heart dropped after hearing the gunshot.

I still sat there not knowing if it was mom who got shot, or she was the one who shot them. Tears are just running down my cheeks and I can't stop them. Bambam please hurry home! I covered my mouth from making any noise, but couldn't stop my hiccups.


After a few minutes of it being dead silent, I slowly opened the closet door and find no one. I quickly rushed out and see.....mom, on the floor. "M-Mom?". I walked over and see her aching in pain. "Mommy what happened to you?!", I asked sobbing.

I looked around the house finding a big mess, and blood everywhere. "Where's Kun?". "B-baby I n-need you to listen v-very carefully t-to what I'm going to s-say!"..."Shhhh you need to save your energy!", I cried..."This is i-important"

Narrators (Pov)

Jungkook returns back to the campsite, seeing the RV drive off. "Who just left?", he asked. "Suga, Baekhyun, Chen, Irene, and Seulgi", Jhope replied. "Where to?". "Back out to the city".

"Why? Isn't it dangerous", Jungkook exclaimed. "It is, but it's the only place where we can get food from since hunting isn't working out", Hobi replied. "Bu-"..."Hey Tzuyu", Hobi shouts out waving his arm in the air saying hi.

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