[49] Thank You Wendy

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Rose (POV)

We kept walking, calling out Milo's name, only receiving back our echoes. Bambam was getting frustrated and I stepped back staying quiet not tryna bring his beast mode  back out.

"MILO!!??", he shouted. He kept shouting and shouting, as I was behind trying to catch up, but it was too hard especially when my ankle was still hurting. "MI-"...he then went silent out of nowhere.

"What is it??", I asked. He bent down and grabbed something. "It's her bracelet! She should be near!", he exclaimed and started running around, calling her name once again and this time I helped.

"MILO!!...MILO!!". I kept walking around, limping until I saw a building. "Hey! Bambam I found a place!", I shouted and walked up to the gates of the building, reading..."Korean Folk Village".

Bambam then came beside me. "Do you think there are people in here that can help us?", I asked. "I'm not sure". We were about to walk up and knock on the gate door, but Bambam stops me.

"What is it?"...He bent down and showed me a purple bead. "It's a bead from her bracelet! I think she's in here!", he exclaimed and ran up to the gate and started banging. He kept banging, until I heard a gun click.

I quickly looked up and saw a guy on top of the gate just pointing his gun at me. "Bambam stop!", I said, nervously. "Why??". "We got some company". He stopped and looked up. "Who the hell are you guys!!?", the guy ashouted. WERE GOOD PEOPLE! PLEASE LET US IN!!", Bambam begged.

I just stayed behind Bambam being afraid. "DON'T MOVE OR I'LL SHOOT!!", he warned. "I'm looking for someone and I think there in here!"...The guy just looked at us and disappeared, but then showed up with another guy.

"LEAVE!", he shouted. "Please I think my sister is in here! She's a little girl with long, brown hair!", Bambam explained. "I'm sorry but I haven't seen any little girl enter!", he exclaimed.

I looked down and saw Bambam clench his fist and I knew right away he was pissed and annoyed. "I know she's here! I found one of her beads right here, in front of the gate!", Bambam shouted.

Then more guys showed up and clicked there guns at us. I was getting more scared and grabbed Bambam. "Let's just go Bambam! I'm scared", I begged. "No! I know she's here!", he exclaimed and ran up to the gate banging it, trying to kick it down.

Narrator (POV)

Mingyu and his crew of men were trying to chase Bambam and Rose off, since they were afraid they would be infected. As Bambam was aggressively banging on the gate, it got everyone's attention, including Bts and the gang.

"Who is that??", RM asked. "Two people! A boy and girl", one of the men replied. "LET ME IN!!", Bambam shouted. Everyone came out of there homes confused on what was going on.

"STOP!! I WONT HESITATE TO SHOOT!!", Mingyu warned with his finger on the trigger ready to shoot at any time. Jimin walked over, asking Suga what was going on. "I guess there are some people trying to get in", he replied.

No one noticed it was Rose and Bambam, so half of them didn't care, like Exo, Chaeyoung, and Jihyo.

"MILO!!!...MILO?! ARE YOU IN THERE?!!", Bambam screamed, hoping she would answer back, but not one reply. Rose grabbed onto Bambam trying to pull him away or else he would get shot, but he aggressively pushes Rose to the ground, making her ache in pain.

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