[24] Picnic

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Bambam (Pov)

I grabbed Milo and pulled her close to me. "What's wrong?", she asked. "I don't trust any of these guys"..."They don't look that bad, besides-"...I was listening to Milo until my eyes landed on..."KUN?!".

"Kun? Where?", Milo asked. "Hold on, I'll be back". I walked off and towards Kun who was eating. I got closer and he looked at me in surprise. "Whoa. Look at us. We coincidentally met up once again", he smiled.

I angrily knocked his food out of his hand, grabbing him by his shirt, lifting him up. "What the hell happened to my mother!? And why is she dead and your not?!", I asked with a dead-serious tone. "C-Calm down!", he shouted getting some of the people around us attentions.

"Tell me now or else I'll blow your fucking head off", I warned choking him. "T-There were these guys. I-I d-don't know who they are, but they just came crashing in", he explained desperately wanting air, but then someone grabs me pushing me off.

"I get that your mad, but stop causing a scene", they scolded. "This isn't any of your business!", I exclaimed. "And I don't want to know- Now stop causing a fucking scene". "If I find out that you had some part of my mothers death, don't think I won't kill you!", I warned and walked off pissed.

"Are you okay?", Milo asked. "I'm fine- I just need to wash up", I exclaimed and walked off trying to find the lake. "Do you even know where you're going?!", Milo shouted as I ignored...

Lisa (Pov)

"How the hell did our baby maknae manage to survive in the city all alone??", Jennie asked squeezing my cheeks. "Haha, I wasn't alone- I had Bambam and-"..."Who's this special Bambam? Does Jungkook know who he is??", Rose teased. "No its nothing like that! He's somewhat a brother to me", I chuckled.

"Oh okay, a brother?... Are you sure??"..."UNNIE!!". "Haha leave her alone", Jisoo scolded. "I'm just glad we're back together", I exclaimed grabbing all of them in for a group hug. "Were not going to be losing anyone anymore", Jisoo exclaimed.


"Okay- It's my turn to have her", someone said from behind.

We looked back and it was......"Jungkook?". "Let's go somewhere Lisa", he mouthed. I cheekily nodded my head as I stood up, running off with him. "Yah. Are you just going to leave us hanging like this?!", Jennie shouted.

"Sorry Unnies", I chuckled. "Where are we going??". "It's a surprise".

Narrator (Pov)

Before showing Lisa the surprise, Jungkook covers her eyes with his hands and leads her. "Don't open your eye's until I tell you", Jungkook explained. "Okay. I'm excited", she chuckled being excited, but totally clueless.

"Okay, open"...

"Okay, open"

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