[32] Jennie's Traumatizing Past

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Narrator (Pov)

Taehyung ran as fast as he could, but then stopped seeing...............Jennie, who was all wet and was shaking like crazy, with Exo beside her. Without even thinking he quickly rushed to her and hugged her, sighing in relief. "Are you okay??", he asked, checking to see if she was hurt, but only saw a scratch on her face.

"What happened??", Taehyung asked, hugging Jennie tightly. "We were out looking for Baekhyun and Chen, but then heard screaming. We looked for the noise and saw that it was Jennie, so Kai rushed to save her", Chanyeol explained.

"Oh thank goodness you guys were there! Thank you very much! I mean it!", Taehyung thanked nonstop, and just kept bowing. "Your welcome! It took us 7-8 minutes to make her come back to life, it was a bit scary"..."Thank you!", he thanked again. "It's best you stay close to her, because she's shaking like crazy and just kept mumbling mom and dad"....

Taehyung then looked at Jennie and was confused, but Jennie on the other hand couldn't even speak, she just stared out in the open, not even listening to Taehyung or what anyone was saying.

She still couldn't stop thinking about how she felt when she was in the water, especially when she fears the water...Her mind quickly forgot everyone around her, and went back to the past about her parents...


{The past}

"Your fired!", yelled the boss. "But sir! Please, let me fix this!", Mr. and Mrs. Kim begged. (Jennie's parents) "Fix this? How can you....Aish!...Get out!". "But sir-"..."Don't make me call the security!", he warned. "Please! We've been working here our whole life! 40 years! This job is our life, please don't take it away from us", Mrs. Kim begged.

"If you really cared for your job, you wouldn't mess up this simple thing!...Get out now!!", he shouted, making both of them leave, quietly.


Both Kim and Mrs. Kim sat in the car, frustrated. "What are we going to do?", Mrs. Kim asked, crying. Mr. Kim just stared at the wheel of the car, feeling worthless. "What's done is done! So there's nothing we can do...let's go pick up Jennie from school", he replied, quietly.

They arrived infront of the middle school, waiting for Jennie. Both of them sat quietly sat in there chairs, stressed out. Then Mr. Kim quietly whispered something into Mrs. Kim's ear, making her nod her head in agreement. "Not only did we lose our job, but our house too, and money, and everything we worked for our whole life, so you understand what I'm saying?", Mr. Kim asked.

"It's selfish, but it's the only way, right?", Mrs Kim cried. He grabbed her head and kissed her forehead, crying. Then they heard Jennie laughing from the outside, and quickly wiped there tears. "I'll see you later, Lisa!", Jennie chuckled, and hopped into the car.

"Hello-.....Omo! Mom! Dad!", she shouted in shock. "Hello sweetie"..."Why are you guys here?", she asked. "Can we not be here to pick up our lovely daughter?", Mr. Kim chuckled. "N-No, it's just...Aish never mind! I'm just happy to see you guys!".

Usually her parents are always busy, they don't have the time to pick her up or even spend quality time with there daughter, so she's a little bit shocked, but happy at the same time. "Jennie? Would you like to go to the beach to spend some time?", her mother asked, as she squealed in excitement. "Yes, I'd love to! Let's go!", she chuckled, making her parents chuckle as well.

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