[58] The Gallow

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Narrator (POV)

When they revealed Baekhyun and Lisa, Exo was shocked to see Baekhyun still alive since they thought he died. "Baekhyun??", Sehun called. They were happy to see his face again, but Baekhyun had a scared, sad face on, already knowing what's gonna happen to him and all of them.

"Lisa?!", Jungkook called as Lisa looked at him, tearing up. "Are you okay?", he mouthed as she nodded her head, but then Jungkook sees her head bleeding from when Chaeyoung hit her with the shovel.

"Who the hell hit you?!", he angrily shouted, as he got up, but then two guys attacked him to the floor. "Please don't hurt him", Lisa begged. All of Blackpink was tearing up as well, being afraid about two things. What was gonna happen to Lisa and what will happen to them.

The two guys then beat up Jungkook by kicking him in the stomach. "Stop- Please stop!", Lisa cried. "Enough already", Jin shouted being pissed that he and the others couldn't do anything, but watch. The two guys then forced Jungkook to kneel despite of him being in so much pain and with a busted lip. Lisa just silently cried as she looked at him.

"Calm down- You'll only get yourself killed", Jin quietly said, scolding him, so nothing can happen to him or the others. "Now that I got all of you guys to listen, shall we begin?", Chunseo chuckled. "Why are you doing this?!", Kai asked, angrily. "You'll see my love".

"Where's Chen?", Suho mouthed at Baekhyun. He glared up at Chunseo and said..."They ate him right in front of me!", he shouted, getting Chunseo's attention. Exo and everyone widened their eyes in shock. Chunseo looked back and bent down towards Baekhyun. "Ohhhh I remember him. He was handsome and tasted delicious", she teased.

All of Exo was now angry and pissed. "And I'm pretty sure your friends will taste even better", she chuckled and stood back up. "You crazy son of a bitch", Baekhyun exclaimed as he spit on her face.

She wiped his disgusting spit off her face being pissed as she slapped Baekhyun right across the face leaving a red hand mark. "Since you got attitude, shall we let you go first?", Chunseo said being in a serious mood. "Where is Jennie?", Tae asked. Jennie then looked at him confused. "The little one- Where is she?!"..."Oh her...you guys ate her", Chunseo smirked.

"What are you talking about?"..."That yummy meat you guys were eating like crazy-"...Tae and everyone then felt sick just hearing that they ate a human, some of them started puking and some just had a very big headache. "We skinned her and cut her body apart...but don't worry my loves, you'll get to experience it as well", Chunseo laughed hysterically.

Tae just began sobbing since he thought of Jennie as his little sister. "It's okay", Jennie comforted, not knowing who that Jennie was, but she knew she was a good kid since Tae liked her very much.

And (little) Jennie's mother was in the crowd crying just hearing her daughter's name being mentioned.


Mingyu held Jennie's mother and whispered in her ear, as she cried for her poor daughter going missing. "God wants this for you- Be a good servant and let your daughter sacrifice herself", he say, only joking around.

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