[56] Feast (Pt. 3)

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Narrator (POV)

Everyone around was eating like crazy and was having the best day ever. "Can you grab me that bowl?", Suga asked, as Hobi just stared at him. "Can you grab it?"..."Do you know why God gave everyone hands?? Hmm?", Hobi asked dramatically..." What?"...

"God gave you hands for a reason babo!!", he exclaimed and continued to eat. "Aish!". Suga got up and grabbed a loaf of bread and a bowl of chicken and then slapped Hobi with bread. "Yahh!".....Suga just chuckled.

On the other hand, Suho saw a chicken on Jisoo's plate and quickly grabbed it, but just in time Jisoo grabs a fork and stabs it down on his sleeve, stopping him. "Put! My! Chicken! Down! Now!", she exclaimed with an evil, dark voice that quickly gave Suho chills.

He let go and sat back feeling dumb. "Damn! It's just a chicken, do you have to be that-"...He then stopped when he saw Jisoo just glaring at him with the dirtiest look ever. He looked away and started eating his own food, as Sehun who was beside him was laughing at how dumb he looked. "Shut up!",

As everyone continued on eating, Jungkook heads back after getting Lisa's second plate. Once he returned, he finds no one sitting at the table, but Mingyu. "Where did Lisa go?", he asked, looking around. "That cute thang went to the bathroom", Mingyu smirked. "Oh-...Wait what?", Jungkook quickly stopped when he noticed it was Mingyu who said that...

"What did you just say?"..."That cute thang! Damn she mighty fine", he chuckled. Jungkook just looked at him in disgust, clenching his fist. He was about to throw a punch at Mingyu, but then someone comes and slaps his head.

"Yah! Watch your mouth before I karate chop your ass to the floor!", Rose exclaimed. "Did you just hit me??", Mingyu shouted, getting up. Jimin quickly stood up as well making sure he doesn't hurt her, but then Rose slaps his head again making him fall back down on his seat. "Yeah, I did! What are you gonna do about it?!!", she exclaimed not caring.

Everyone chuckled as Mingyu just stood there feeling dumbfounded since he was being 'bullied' by a girl. "You just wait!", Mingyu warned and walked off. "Okay, I'll be waiting", Rose chuckled and sat back down.

"I bet you bullied all the kids in elementary, huh??", Chanyeol chuckled. "Yes I did, but for good reasons only", Rose chuckled. "And what was one good reason?"...."When-"..." When guys think it's okay to talk to my girl in front of me", Jimin scoffed under his breath, interrupting as he rolled his eyes, hiding the fact that he's feeling a little jealous, but it was a bit obvious.

"Huh?"...Both Chanyeol and Rose were confused by what he just said. "Anyways as I was saying, when anyone just messes with my girls", Rose continued on saying. "Well-"...Jimin then starts fake coughing, cutting off Suho. "Well, I-"...he coughs even louder. "Well I need-"..."Omgaadd!! I need some water", Jimin shouted, dramatically coughing.

Chanyeol knew exactly what Jin was tryna do...

"Are you okay?", Rose asked patting his back. "Do you mind getting me water?", he asked, smiling, as she nodded and quickly got up. Jimin then looked at Chanyeol with the dirtiest look, but Chanyeol just smirked and continued on eating.

Jungkook on the other hand, sat down feeling good that Mingyu was out of his sight and began eating as he waited for Lisa to return from the bathroom.

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