[37] Crash

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(Before the fight)

{Time of day - Afternoon}

Taehyung (Pov)

I walked back into the tent, seeing Jisoo beside Jennie, who was still unconscious. I was hoping for her to have her eyes open by now, but no. I slowly walked in getting Jisoo's attention. "How is she?", I asked. "She's okay", she quietly replied.

I sat down as we both just looked at Jennie. I then remembered when she was calling out her parents. "Can I ask you something, Jisoo?"..."Sure, what is it?"......"Why was Jennie calling out for her parents before she fainted?", I asked. Jisoo looked at me shocked. "What?"...

"She didn't tell you??", she asked, as if I was suppose to. "No, she didn't"..."Oh, I thought she told you!"..."I don't, so do you mind telling me?". "I don't know, it's not my story to tell", she replied. "Please, I don't wanna ask her when she wakes up, because she might not tell me".

"Fine, but it happened long ago, way before she even met me and you", she replied. "Jennie was only 14 when she was traumatized by the water-"..."What? Jennie is afraid of the water? Why??", I asked. "Just wait, I'll get there!"...

I stayed quiet as she continued. "When Jennie's parents lost there job, they felt useless, especially because they worked so hard on that job there whole life. Jennie's parents barely paid any attention to her, but one day they did"..."Jennie got off of school and was picked up by her parents. She was so happy because they said they would spend time at the beach, but when they did-"...

Jisoo stopped talking and was on the verge of crying, as I patted her back...."She thought they were going to have fun, but h-her parents were actually trying to kill themselves, by drowning themselves", she said, making me shocked. "What! Jennie told me they died in a plane crash", I replied.

"She probably didn't want to talk about it". "But what does this have to do with Jennie being traumatized by the water??", I asked. "You don't get it! Her parents tried to kill themselves and Jennie too!", she exclaimed making me more shocked than I already am.

"Jennie begged her parents to open the car, but her parents refused, and kept driving more into the water...The car was sinking and was going underwater, but luckily there was a person who saw them and quickly came to the rescue"..."Ever since that day, Jennie has been afraid to go back into the water because she thinks her parents are trying to kill her again!", Jisoo explained.

I looked at Jennie as tears just streamed down my face. I'm sorry I didn't know! I'm sorry! I wish I knew you back then so I could comfort you and hug you, while you cried on my chest! I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "But why didn't Jennie tell me?", I asked. "She wants to put that in the past, since she has so much anger towards her parents", Jisoo replied.

It then went silent. Jisoo grabbed the towel again and wiped Jennie's face that was so pale. "I can do it", I insisted. She handed it to me, but then there was very, very loud arguing outside that got our attention.

We both got up and went out of the tent, and the first thing we saw was Lisa dragging Tzuyu by her hair. I quietly chuckled, low-key being happy that Tzuyu was being beat, since she was the reason why Jennie still hasn't woken up yet. "Lisa-ah!", Jisoo shouted in shock and quickly rushed to stop them

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