[41] Rage

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Defining RAGE: Violent, uncontrollable anger

{Time of day: Night-time}

Narrator (Pov)

Bts, Exo, and Bambam arrived at the campsite seeing a total mess. Zombies everywhere. They all quickly took out there weapons, as many zombies ran towards them with incredible, super fast speed. They started shooting all of them down one by one. Some were tough to shoot down.

Rm quickly took out his deadly, sharp boomerang and threw it at the zombies, chopping off four zombie heads in a row, which was quite impressive. Jhope took his slingshot out from the bag and started aiming right at the zombies head.

He shot his shot and his little silver bolder went right through the walkers forehead and into another one that was behind it, killing both and leaving a hole, making him disgusted. Head-shot!

"LISAA!!!", Jungkook shouted, as he ran around looking for her, but still kept shooting off some zombies. Jimin quickly ran out of bullets and used the back of the gun and started smashing the zombie's heads with it.

"JIMIN!!", Suga shouted, as he threw Jimin a bow and arrow. He immediately caught it and slid down to the floor, aiming his arrow up to the walkers as he shot one right in the eye. 

One of the zombie's stormed towards Suga so fast, the zombie was holding onto the gun, as he tried to shoot, but he couldn't, so he quickly swung the zombie to the floor so hard and shot right inside it's mouth.

"Take that you ugly piece of shit!!", he laughed and continued shooting other zombies that were running at him.

"MILO!?...MILO!!!", Bambam called out, as he ran tent to tent trying to find her or any of the girls, but they were no where to be found. He then started panicking, which turned into cries, thinking if Milo is dead or not.

Taehyung on the other hand, quickly ran to the tent that Jennie was sleeping in. RM and Jhope had his back as he ran towards the tent. He quickly opened it, and was shocked at what he was seeing...

There were five zombies in there eating Jennie, from head to toe

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There were five zombies in there eating Jennie, from head to toe. Zombie ate the shit out of her, you couldn't even see her face, since they ate half of her face off and body. He took out his gun and tried to shoot, but he couldn't.

His eyes just stayed on Jennie. Tears filled up his eye's, as he could barely see. "N-No, no, no, no, no!!!!", he cried. Then one of the zombies turned to him and ran at him, but he finally snapped out of it and quickly shot it.

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