[7] Plan (Pt. 2)

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Jungkook (POV)

We all gathered around the kitchen table thinking of what to do. We don't have much time before those walkers will be breaking in, anytime now.

"We can't stay here", I exclaimed. "Does anyone have any ideas?", RM asked. We all stayed silent looking at each other waiting for someone to speak up. "I do", someone says.

We looked back and see Tzuyu and her other friends. "We have an RV, not far from here", she explained. "How far?"..."Probably 2 blocks away".

I looked back at RM, who was thinking about it along with the others. "What's in that RV? Does it even work?", Jennie asked. "It should be working and besides it has many supplies like tents, blankets, and everything we need, along with food!",

"That's great, didn't you say we were going to head to the forest?", Suga says looking at RM. "The forest?", I asked. "Suga and I thought it would be a good idea to head over to the forest, just to lay low", RM explained.

"But we can't leave, we still haven't found Lisa or Jisoo", I exclaimed. "We have no choice!". I looked at them being disappointed and annoyed. "I'm not going until I find Lisa", I exclaimed.

"We have to survive this shit too! Lisa and Jisoo are probably fighting to survive as well, and were just sitting here uselessly waiting to be eaten! And were almost running out of food", Rm scolded.

I sat back down in my chair annoyed. "I'm sorry for yelling, but we have no choice. We'll leave a note behind just in case they come back and they would know where to go", he replied in a soft tone.

"Okay, everyone. Start packing, only get things that are important and useful- No more than one bag", he exclaimed. "What?! Only one bag", Jennie whined.

"Unless you want to carry that yourself! It would slow us down", Suga stated. "Aish- okay", she said carelessly and walked away, along with everyone else.

Rose (POV)

I walked into my room, grabbing a backpack, and a few of my clothes and stuffed it in. "What else do I need?", I asked myself looking around as I came across a frame that was on the ground...

 "What else do I need?", I asked myself looking around as I came across a frame that was on the ground

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I grabbed it, and without knowing a tear ran down my cheeks. "You okay?", someone asked as I looked back seeing...."Jennie?...Oh I'm fine".

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