[42] Dead Friends

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Jisoo (Pov)

We kept running, despite of being tired. "I think there gone!", I said, wanting to stop to catch my breath. "Oh okay". Both Irene and Seulgi stopped as they fell to the floor gasping for air, dramatically.

I just stood there and glared at them, while I was tiredly gasping for air as well..."What? Why are you staring at me like that for?". "Why didn't you help me save Jennie!?", I asked. "We were all gonna die if we stayed and helped!"..."Still! That's my best friend!! You would do the same thing if it was yours!", I yelled.

"Both of my best friends died right in-front of me! And it kills me that I couldn't do anything!! You only lost one! I lost three!! So you have no right to yell at me!", Irene exclaimed angrily. "Enough the both of you!", Seulgi shouted.

I rolled my eyes and looked away, but then I saw something on Seulgi's shirt that quickly caught my attention. It was dark, so I didn't really care, but then....

There was one spot that was bloody. "Did you get hurt?", I quietly asked, still tryna see if it's really what I think it is. Seulgi looked at me and quickly covered it up.

"Its dark right now. So Its nothing! Don't worry about it", she replied. I just nodded, but seeing her nervously scared when I mentioned it, made me suspicious.

She continued walking besides Irene, as I stayed behind. I slowly walked up from behind and lifted her arm up and the shirt, seeing a bite mark.

I quickly gasped and stepped back being shocked, including Irene. "I-I'm fine! It's nothing", she nervously chuckled. "Nothing?!! That's a fucking bite mark!!", I shouted and pulled out my gun.

"Woah! WOAH!!", both of them shouted. "Put the gun down", said Irene, but I still held on tightly with my finger on the trigger. Seulgi then started crying..."Please don't kill me!", she begged.

I just stared at her. "Irene please don't let her kill me!", she cried. "Put the gun down Jisoo!", she exclaimed. "No!"..."PUT THE FUCKING GUN DOWN NOW!!", she shouted, as tears streamed down her face.

I could tell that Irene was sad that her only last friend alive was on the verge of dying and I felt terrible for her. I would do the same if I were in her shoes!

I slowly put it down being pitiful towards the both of them. "Thank you", she said. "Don't thank me just yet!". I just stayed back, being frighten of Seulgi who was about to turn.

She was coughing and her face was turning Pale. "Your gonna be okay, okay?!", Irene comforted a panicked Seulgi who was crying her eyes out.

"I'm not gonna be okay! And you know that!", Seulgi shouted. "No your gonna be okay!". I just stood there watching them, staying silent.

Then Seulgi started coughing up blood and fell to the floor screaming her lungs out as if she was on fire. Irene quickly rushed towards her and was trying to stop her pain.

"Leave me! SAVE YOURSELF!!"..."No! I'm staying here!", Irene exclaimed. "G-Go!! Don't be dumb! Just go-"... Seulgi then started choking and her body was kind of demented in a weird unusual way.

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