[27] Resentment

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Resentment definition: Emotions that has been described as a mixture of disappointment, disgust, anger, and fear.

Narrator (Pov)

Everyone sat around the fire-pit silent, It was so quiet you could hear crickets in the background. "Jungkook! What is she talking about??", Lisa asked. "It's nothing!", he replied nervously. "Are you gonna answer? If you didn't then you shouldn't be nervous, but if you did, well...", Tzuyu smirked. "YAH!!", Jungkook shouted. "Is it true?", Lisa exclaimed.

Jungkook stood there knowing he would have to, but he knew it would break her heart to pieces. "Lis-"..."No! Answer the damn question! Did you guys kiss or not?!". Lisa glared at him waiting for an answer. Please tell me you didn't! Please Jungkook! Lisa hopefully thought. Everyone around sat there awkwardly watching. "Umm Should we change the game?", Jennie chuckled fakely, wanting to change the subject.

"NO!..."...Lisa then stood up angry. "Yes or no?!!"...Jungkook slowly, as well got up grabbing her hand. "I-I...I-I...aish! Yes!"...Lisa looked at him with unbelief, as everyone around gasped. "W-What?"..."But I didn't mean to! Please Lisa, I'm telling the truth you have-"..."LET GO OF ME!!", she shouted pushing him away.

"How could you?! I thought you loved me!", Lisa exclaimed. "I do! I really do! Just ple-", "I hate you! How could you do this to me! To us, but you just had to..."...she then looked over at Tzuyu who was quietly snickering, and her anger grew.

She then rushed over to Tzuyu and punched her, making Tzuyu fall from her seat. Everyone was shocked, but Suho and the other Exo members were laughing being satisfied to watch some drama happen. "YOU BITCH!!", Lisa shouted. Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie quickly got up, trying to calm Lisa down.

"YAH!! It's not my fault, your man wanted me!", Tzuyu chuckled getting up. "YAH! That's not true!", Jungkook shouted. "What did you just say!"...Lisa tried hitting her again, but Jungkook and everyone else grabbed her, trying to calm her down. Tzuyu backed away laughing....."Yah!", Rose shouted and attacked her to the ground and started punching her.

"You think you're gonna get away for messing with my best friend!!", Rose yelled. Tzuyu tried getting her off, but she was too busy dodging the punches Rose was throwing.

"ROSIE!!", Jimin shouted trying to pull her off. Nayeon quickly rushed over to help Tzuyu up. "I'm so sorry! Please forgive Tzuyu! Please forgive her!", Nayeon begged. "Forgive her my ass! She knew Jungkook had a girlfriend, but still tried to seduce him!", Rose shouted. Tzuyu pulled her hair back, showing her bleeding nose."YAH! Seduce who?! Jungkook was the one who approached me first!", Tzuyu shouted angrily.

"ENOUGH!!!", RM yelled. "Yah! Go back to the tent right now!! Your just making things worse!", Nayeon scolded. The rest of the Twice members rushed over confused. They grabbed Tzuyu and walked back as Nayeon continued to apologize for the actions Tzuyu has caused.

Lisa on the other hand, kept trying to fight her way towards Tzuyu, but Jungkook strongly held her back. "LET GO OF ME!!", Lisa shouted, and slapped Jungkook, leaving him surprised. Lisa is shocked as well, although she has never slapped Jungkook before, but her anger took over her actions and she couldn't control it.

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