[54] Feast

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Narrator (POV)

"What's up with you!", Chaeyoung asked, seeing Tzuyu in a bad mood. "Nothing!"..."Are you sure??"..."YES!", Tzuyu shouted in annoyance. "Okay if you say so-"..."Suga is so annoying! Ughhh I just wanna twist his neck and throw him off a cliff!! He ruined the perfect mood!", she whined, as Chaeyoung rolled her eyes being irritated about hearing Jungkooks name almost every goddamn day.

"Aish! I really wanted to show him something"..."And what was that?", Chaeyoung asked. Tzuyu giggled and told her to follow her.

 Tzuyu giggled and told her to follow her

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"It took me all morning to make this and I wanted to surprise him, but freaking Suga! Aish! That idiot was in the way!", she exclaimed. "Well go get him and show him now", Chaeyoung said, as Tzuyu smiled and ran off to get Jungkook.

She was skipping like a little kid, who just got ice cream. She was so happy and excited to see how Jungkook would react, since she feels like her and Jungkook have grew closer.

Chaeyoung was about to walk off, but then she felt a snap. She looked down and saw Tzuyu's heart all ruined from her stepping on it. "Oh no. She's gonna kill me!". She quickly bent down and started to fix it before Tzuyu came.


Tzuyu saw Jungkook by Tae and walked towards him, excited. She noticed Jungkook crying and was confused on why he was. "Omo, what happened? Did someone bully him!?", she asked to herself. She quickly walked towards him trying to get him attention, but Jungkook's eyes were glued on........Tzuyu turned her head to see what Jungkook was looking at and saw......."L-L-Lisa??".

Jennie, Tae, Jungkook, and Lisa just stood there, staring, not being able to move since they were too shocked. "L-L-Lisa?", Jungkook stuttered as his eyes started to well up again. He was sad and not in the mood for anything, but once she saw Lisa, all his worries and stress just faded away.

Jungkook then snapped out of it and ran to Lisa so fast, leaving Tzuyu, who was on the verge of crying. Lisa just stared at him and cried. "Lisa your okay!!", Jungkook said, crying. She just stared at him, not knowing what to do.

Jungkook then pulled her in for a hug and wrapped his arms around her, as she just cried. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry", Jungkook repeated over and over again. "I hate you! I hate you jerk! I thought something happened to you!", Lisa scolded softly punching him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry lili", he exclaimed. "Babo!", Lisa cried. Jungkook then grabbed her cheeks and pulled her face in for a kiss, as she continued to cry....Tzuyu clenched her fist so hard, her finger nails started to dig into her skin, which bled.

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