[57] Feast (Pt. 4)

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Narrator (POV)

As everyone gathered around to eat, GD sat there annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that RM made a deal with him but broke it again. He got up and left knowing none of them were gonna corporate, so he secretly went into one of the rooms that they weren't allowed to enter, and once he entered he saw two big bags of weapons.

He quickly carried one of the bags and peeked back out to see if anyone was near. No one and I mean no one noticed him, so it was a good time to leave and save himself before those 'specialists' leave him behind.


Jungkook stood up and walked to the bathroom to check up on Lisa whose been gone for a while. He arrived at the women's restroom and shouted out her name. "Lili?"...He waited for a reply but there was none.

He then heard the toilet flush and quickly rushed behind a bush. As a girl walked out, he jumped out scaring her, thinking she was Lisa, but it was just some random girl. "Omo!... Yah!", the girl shouted, almost having a heart attack.

"Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else", he chuckled, as the girl just glared at him and walked off. "Wait! Was there someone else in there?", Jungkook asked. "No". He was confused about where she was and walked back thinking she may have returned but he just hasn't seen her pass by...


After drinking multiple glasses of wine, Rose got up and was about to head to the bathroom, but then out of nowhere her head and stomach started to hurt like hell, as if her whole body was about to explode, which made her ache in so much pain. Jimin saw and quickly got up and rushed out to her.

"What's wrong?!", he asked. "M-My h-head is just h-h-hurting-"....she weakly replies but then passed out and fell to the floor, as Jimin caught her just in time. "Yah! Rosie! ROSIE!!", Jimin shouted, as he started to panic. He tried waking her up, but nothing worked.

She passed out as if she was dead.

"What's wrong with her??!!", Jimin desperately asked. Everyone then rushed to see, but all of them were confused just like him. "Rosie!", Jennie called. Jimin then started to slap her face, but softly just to see if she would wake up, but no.

Jennie walked over to the cup that Rose just drank and smelled it. "I don't smell any poison"..."Then why is she acting like this?!", Jimin shouted. Jennie then rushed to see if there was any water to splash on her face, but then she saw Tae with his head on the table.

"Tae Tae?", she called, walking over to him, thinking he was drunk wasted. She started patting him, but he didn't move to get up. "Tae?"..."Tae!!", she called, but he still kept his head down.

She picked up his head as he fell back onto her, as she struggled to carry him since he was heavy. She then chuckled seeing him drunk. She squeezed his cheeks, feeling that it was so hot, so she touched his forehead and she gasped at how boiled-hot he was. "Tae?"..."T-TAE!!!", she shouted as she started to slap him to wake up. "TAE!!!".

She then started to panic just like Jimin, which turned into cries. She turned around to see if anyone can help, but when she looked she was shocked...

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