[59] The Gallow (Pt.2)

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Narrator (POV)

All of Bts, Exo, and Bp were on the ground tied up on there knee's waiting in a line, as Baekhyun and Lisa were up on the Gallow. They both stood over a box-like shape, that would drop once someone pulled the lever that would make them hang. Baekhyun was sobbing like crazy being scared.

And Lisa was trying so hard to remain calm, but there was too much pressure and heat on her she was getting scared.

Chunseo looked at the both of them and smiled. "Smile", she chuckled as they both glared at her. "We have gathered together tonight to celebrate these wonderful people who will devote themselves over to God", Chunseo said out loud to the villagers, as they cheered.

"You guys aren't people of God! But the devils child", Baekhyun shouted, making all of the villagers angry. "Hang him!", one man shouted. "Hang him!", everyone chanted, as Baekhyun spit at them. Chunseo then slapped him. "Don't ever come at us like that! You are the wicked who is trying to destroy this world". Chunseo exclaimed.

"Hang him already!!", the people shouted, angrily. A guy then walked up the Gallow stairs, frightening both Baekhyun and Lisa even more and also the others...

"This man right here- He will get rid of these people's sinfulness and make them clean!", Chunseo laughed hysterically

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"This man right here- He will get rid of these people's sinfulness and make them clean!", Chunseo laughed hysterically. The guy then put the ropes over Baekhyun and Lisa's neck, being terrified. Bp was crying, along with Jungkook. "Noooo!! Please! Don't hurt her!", they begged.

"Hang the evil!"..."Cleanse those evil souls"..."Drop him!"

Chunseo then signaled the guy in the scary mask, as he nodded his head as he pulled the trigger, making the floor drop, but only his, Lisa on the other hand was still safe. Baekhyun fell into the hole as he the rope around his neck tightened. He was trying to reach the floor or something, but was only hurting himself. Sehun and Kai ran to help, but multiple guys came and attacked them to the floor, as they were too late.

Baekhyun just hung there, dead, as the villagers laughed in wickedness and cheered on for the next person, which was Lisa.

"Nooo! ", all of Exo yelled, sobbing. Lisa was getting scared since she was next. "Her next! Hang her", they shouted, as Lisa was crying out loud, terrified.

Jungkook had a plan and looked and whistled at Lisa to get her attention. He then was mouthing something. As Chunseo signaled the guy to pull the lever again, Lisa was getting ready to do what Jungkook said. The guy was about to pull the lever, until Lisa moved a little bit over to him, as she kicked him in the face with her long legs.

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