[20] Plan (pt.2)

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Lisa (Pov)

"Are you guys ready?", I asked. All three nodded their heads. "Okay let's go". We all exited, but I stopped and looked back at Milo and Bambams room that was closed with a sad face on. "Let's go, Lisa", Suga called.

After taking a last look I quickly rushed out. We all went to the stairs and started going down. "So does everyone understand what to do?", I asked. "Yep, Just be careful", Suga says.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine". We have now arrived on the second floor. "Okay, fighting", said Seulgi. Both Irene and Seulgi hugged each other, for luck. "Don't worry, I got your guys back". "Were counting on you", I smiled.

Narrator (Pov)

Seulgi separates from the group and heads onto the second floor, alone. She slowly walks in the hallway not sure if there are any walkers around. She walks up to a room, and tries opening it, but finds it locked. "Damn it".

She then gathers all her strength and kicks the door down...The first kick. Fail. Second? Fail. Third try? Fail. She was starting to get frustrated. "They're counting on me...C'mon Seulgi! You got this! You didn't have karate class for no reason", she said to herself for encouragement.

She then tries again, and it finally swings open. "Ha easy". She walked in and finds the room in a complete mess, but ignores it and rushes out to the balcony. She takes out her sniper gun and sets it all up, getting ready.

Seulgi (Pov)

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Seulgi (Pov)


"What will I be doing?", I asked. "You'll be on the second floor of this building and would basically shoot down any walkers that try to attack us", Lisa carefully explained. "What will you guys be doing?".

"Were all going to separate... Irene will be heading for the truck- Once she gets in she'll be coming back for you and Suga, but you have to hurry and rush down to the basement and meet up with Suga", she exclaimed.

"What is Suga doing?", I asked. "He'll be heading for the police station to get some weapon supplies...Yeah, it's going to be hard because there are only four of us, but it's okay- We got this!", she smiled being positive.

"How can you stay happy in this type of situation?", I asked feeling extremely nervous I might mess everything up. "I don't know, I guess I'm just so excited to see my friends and boyfriend again", she chuckled.

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