Dante x Yandere Zenix

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Dante POV:
Zenix almost killed Travis... Zenix almost killed Travis... he almost killed Travis... why... why... why...?

Author POV:
Earlier that day, Travis left for work while Dante was doing house chores. The last message he got from Travis was when he left work and went to buy dinner. It was getting late, Dante called Travis, but he didn't answer, instead, he got a call from a police officer. He told him that that Travis was attacked by a mysterious figure. Dante immediately ran to catch a bus to get to the hospital. The doctor said that Travis was punched and stabbed in the stomach, but not too deep as Travis self-defenced. A police officer took Dante for some questioning and watched the recording from the one of the cameras of the fast-food Travis went to get food. Dante looked closely and recognized the red eyes. He said nothing and left. He called Gene and told him everything.
Gene: This is getting out of hand! We have to tell the police!
Dante: NO! You know what he is capable of! What if he hurts you?
Gene: He wouldn't dare. I'm your brother and he's my friend.
Dante: Still! We have to keep quiet. Warn Sasha if you want, but keep it a secret from the rest.
Gene: Fine, but if he lays a finger on you, I'm calling the mental asylum.
Dante: Fair enough

Now it's been a week. Travis is still at the hospital, recovering, Dante being all alone in the house. Every night he felt like someone is watching him. He knows exactly who watched him. He has a plan to make Zenix let the guard down, but it requires losing his dignity and Gene wouldn't be happy about the plan, but what other choice is available at the moment?

Dante POV:
Ok, everything is ready for the plan. I hope this will work.
Me: *texts Zenix* What you doing?
Zenix: Chilling
Me: Come over my house?
Zenix: Right now?
Me: In 10 minutes
Zenix: Okay
Step 1 successed
Me: *texts Gene* Step 1 completed
Gene: A dinner might make him suspicious.
Me: Dinner and something else.
Gene: What are you planning?
Me: I'll tell you tomorrow.
Gene: Okay?
I'll delete the conversation in case he will look through my phone.
**Doorbell rings**
And he's here. Here we go.

Author POV:
"Zenix! Come on in!" Zenix dressed in an outfit for a casual hangout "So do we just chill out?" "Of course not! We got food!" "! You made dinner?" "Not exactly. I ordered food. I got burgers, since Gene told me it's your favorite." Dante sits down to eat his burger. He gives Zenix his own. He looks at Dante eating. A smile creeps on his face "He is so adorable when he eats" he bites into his own burger. When they finish the fries, Zenix gets up "Where is the bathroom?" "Upstairs on the left" he goes upstairs. Dante grabs his phone.
Dante: Step 2 completed
Gene: What is step 3? Dessert?
Dante: You could say that.
Gene: I have a bad feeling about it.
Dante deletes the conversation. Zenix returns "Are you up for dessert?" "Not really into sweets" "Can you at least come with me to my room?" "Sure" he holds Zenix's hand all the way up "His hand is so warm" Dante places Zenix on the bed "Stay here while I change" he goes inside the bathroom. He got a cute pijama from Aphmau: a shirt to show his shoulders and gray pants. It is the perfect outfit to make Zenix fall for the cuteness. He goes back to him "Dante... what are you wearing?" "I'm your dessert. Don't I look delicious enough to be eaten?" Zenix has no words "You like blueberries right?"

Dante POV:
Hopefully this will work "Dante I... I actually don't know what to say" "Say no more and enjoy this blueberry pie"

Author POV:
Dante places his lips on Zenix's. The kiss is tender and sweet. He takes off Zenix's jacket, letting it on the floor. Zenix has some muscles on him "Were you at the gym recently?" "I-I was" "So tough and meaty~" hearts are starting to form on Zenix's eyes. Dante does a cute pose "You don't how much I love you Dante. I've had a crush on you for years. I was always jealous if there was another guy liking you." "Really now Travis is just my friend and you still harmed him that's adorable" he gets a kiss on the cheek from Dante "Are you hungry now?" "Maybe" "I'll make sure to feed you until you are satisfied Zenix~ come to blueberry~"
Slowly the two undressed. Curtains are on so no one would peek. Zenix gives all his love to Dante while he moans as he is filled with love and pleasure. Their night is a white one.

*The next morning*
Gene is knocking on Dante's door, but no answer. He takes out his copy that Dante gave him. He unlocks the door. He finds papers fast-food "So they ate burgers and fries" Gene goes upstairs to find Dante's clothes on the floor of the bathroom "Don't tell me he..." he slowly opens Dante's door to find him and Zenix on the bed, naked, clothes scattered on the floor. Dante's already awake and sees Gene furious. His lips move but no words come out so he wouldn't wake Zenix up. They can read each other's lips.
Gene: What the actuall hell Dante? That was your third part of the plan?
Dante: It was the only way!
Gene's so close to do a tandrum. Zenix wakes up and wraps his arms around Dante "Good morning Dante~" "Zenix" Zenix notices Gene "Uhh hi" "Zenix..." "Zenix you should dress up and go." "But why blueberry? I wanna cuddle you more~" that hit Gene's line. He grabs Zenix by the neck while Dante tries to unleash Zenix. Zenix grabs his clothes and runs out of the house with his pants on. Gene locks the door.
Gene: Dante how could you let him do that? You had to inject him with a sleeping potion or something!
Dante: I was scared he would also kill me if he found out the plan!
Gene: Yeah you might be right. Don't worry, I anonymously called the cops to take him. I got proof of what he did.
Dante: And Travis?
Gene: The hospital called yesterday. He is recovering well.
Dante: Phew... thank god...
Later, the cops come to arrest Zenix. He is held by 2 officers.
Zenix: It's not me! It's a mistake! I didn't do anything!
Cop: We got proof that you stabbed Travis Valkrum.
Zenix: Dante please believe me!! It was not me!
However, Dante looks at him with a big disappointment and Gene furious. Zenix looks at him heartbroken as he is lockedin the car and driven away. The brothers go back in Gene's house "Sasha you can come out." she comes out of the closet "Is he gone?" "We're safe" "Are you ok Dante?" "I am. I just hate that Zenix turned out to be..." "A psychopath?" "A yandere" "Next time don't have sex with psychos you hear me little brother?" "Sorry..." "He did what now?" "It doesn't matter now." Gene prepares breakfast for them.

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