Ein x Kacey

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Ein POV:
"You slapped me..." he gets scared "I... I..." I say "Jax, Ryder, go to your class... i'll take care of him." they walk out of the bathroom "Please don't hurt me..." I say "I'll do more than that." I pin him to the wall and look at him from head to feet "Has anyone told you how cute you are~?" he blushes "No" I say "I am the first then~" I kiss his lips, they are so soft, I lick his bottom lip, looks like he doesn't know what to do, so I grab his hips and rub them softly, he gasps, I put my tongue inside and explore his mouth. I break the kiss, the string of our saliva connects our tongues "Ein" I bite his neck, leaving a few hickeys, then I start taking off his uniform, he is a blushing mess "W-What are you doing?" I smirk "Having fun with you, what does it look like Kacey~?" I lick from his chest to his belly, he giggles "Ticklish? Cute~" I rub the tent of his boxers "Ah~" I ask "Are you a virgin?" he nods "I'll be gentle~" I take off my uniform and our boxers and I lick his entrance "Ein~" i go deeper "Nngh~" I stop after two minutes. I peck his lips before I push my member slowly, he sobs "Shhh, tell me when to move." I play with his hair to calm him down "Y-You can move..." I move slowly, he starts moaning "Ein... faster~" I do as he says "Ahh~" I go deeper, then I hit something, he gasps "There~!" I found his prostate, I hit harder, then I pump his member "I'm close~!" I moan "Me too~!" I thrusts a few more times, then I cum inside him, he cums on us "I'm tired..." I say "Let's clean up and go to the nurse to rest." we clean ourselves and carry him to the nurse "I'm going to take care of you my little blueberry."

*the next day*
Kacey POV:
I lost my virginity... does he loves me or he used me? Katelyn asked me why I wasn't at class, I told her that I rested at the nurse's office because I felt very dizzy, but it was kinda true. I open my locker, inside I find a blue rose with a note, I read it: 'I love you my blueberry'
I blush while I hold the rose, I turn to meet with silver eyes "Hi blueberry!" I blush beet red, he pecks my lips "Will you be my boyfriend?" I think before I answer "Yes" he picks me up and spin me, then he runs while he carries me "Put me down! Where are you taking me??" he doesn't answer. After a few minutes, he puts me down "I made a picnic just for us." I blush "Why?" he smiles "Because I love you~" he kisses me, I kiss back "How can you love... a freshman like me? You are a junior." he says "I don't care, I love you, you're adorable, nice, sweet and handsome." he hugs me, I hug back "You're strong, handsome and... will you be nice? As before?" he nods "For you, yes" I smile and kiss his forehead, then we dig in.

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