Zane x Vylad

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Zane POV:
I'm so close at going insane right now! Vylad is like a virus right now! Ever since he moved in MyStreet, he stays near me like the glue! I tried to call Garroth for help, but he always goes on dates with Laurance! I tried to call Aphmau, but she is busy with Aaron! I have to do something to get rid of Vylad! Right now i'm watching TV, in peace and quiet, but not for long, because Vylad breaks into my house and jumps on me "Vylad! Get off!" he laughs "Nope!" I grab his hand and drag him to the girls' house, i knock on the door, Kawaii~Chan answers "Hi KC, can you spend time with my brother?" she smiles "Kawaii~Chan would like to spend time with Vylad!" she takes him inside and i go home. Finally i can have time for myself, but instead of watching more TV, i go to my bedroom, lay on my bed and sleep.

*time skip*
I hear my door opening "It's just my imagination. Continue to sleep."  i hear my bed cracking "It's just a dream." i feel my ear wet "WHAT THE!?" i turn around "Vylad! Get out of my house!" he just stays there, staring at me with lust in his eyes "Vylad?" he kisses me, i push him "VYLAD! Why did you do that?" he smirks "Because i'm in love with you Zane!" my eyes widen "You can't be! We are brothers!" he says "I don't care~" he kisses me again, i try to stop him, but it's too hard. At finale we did it... and... he was the bottom...

*the next day*
I wake up slowly, i turn around to look at the clock, it's 7am "Why did i wake up so early?" then i remember, Vylad broke into my room and we did it, his arms are wrapped around me, he has a smile on his face. I try to get off the bed without waking him up, but i failed "Stay with me..." i sigh "Vylad, you do realise this was a big mistake." he says "Love doesn't have rules~" I get up, he whines "No! Come back!" I sigh "Just wait 5 minutes." I leave the room and dial Garroth's number. I wait a few seconds "Zane, why are you calling me at this hour?" I say "Vylad made a mistake." he says "That doesn't sound like him. What he did?" I say "He broke into my house last night and made me do 'that'!" he yells "WHAT!!" i can hear Laurance "Babe, just go back to sleep." Garroth says "Just wait Laurance. Zane, are you sure it was Vylad?" I say "Yes, he said he loves me, i said he can't be, but at finale, he was on top of me, but he was the bottom." Garroth asks "Was he under an effect of a potion?" I think "Hmmm, no he wasn't." he sighs "We will find someone else for Vylad and maybe he will forget about that incident." I sigh "I hope it will work." I hang up and go back to bed, Vylad hugs me "I love you big brother~" i say nothing and hug him back "I guess i love you too." I can't be mad at him.

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