Zane x Garroth

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Author POV:
The night, the most beautiful moment of the day, you can see the moon how it shines on the sky, the stars how give the sky some sparkles and the silence of the city is relaxing. But in a house you can hear two love birds making a lot of weird sounds, but they have a lovely time together in their bedroom.

Garroth POV:
Here i am, on the bed, with the love of my life, i love him so much, i don't care if he is my brother, he's mine and only mine. His moans are making me insane "Ahhh~ Garroth~ please don't stop~" I go faster "I won't, we love each other, so we need this~" i kiss him, he kisses back "I love you so much ZuZu." he smiles "I love you too GarGar." i bite his neck while i hit his prostate, he moans "Garroth~!" I hold his hands "Zane i'm nngh coming~!" he moans "Me too~! Ahhhhh~!" we cum for the first time this night, but i make him stay on his belly and keep hitting his prostate "Ah ah~" i say "Your butt is so tight and warm nngh i love it~!" he keeps moaning "You're so big~!" he opens his legs wider, I go deeper, making him arching his back and moaning loudly. We cum for the second time, the seeds come out of his butt, after that i put my tongue in his entrance and start eating him while rubbing his cheeks "Garroth ah what are you ah doing~?" i stop to answer him "This night is ours, it has to be the best~" i continue eating him "I love you so much Garroth~!" this makes me smile. His legs start shaking, I hold them until he cums again "My turn~" he lays me on my back and puts his tongue in my butt, after three minutes he licks my member like a lollipop "Mmm Zane~ you are very good for your first time~" he smiles and licks my tip, i moan, he puts half of it in his mouth and sucks, he rubs softly the other half with his hand. After a few minutes i cum again, he gets on top and lowers himself "Last round~?" he nods and starts riding me "I love him with all of my heart." after a while we cum for the last time "Wanna take a bath cupcake?" he nods, i carry him bridal style to the bathroom. I turn on the water, pour some soap, turn off the water when the bathtub is full, put Zane in it and enter too, i grab a sponge and start washing him "That was amazing Garroth. Thank you so much for this night." I smile "No need to thank me. I love you with all off my heart." he smiles and hugs me "I don't want anyone else, I want you and only you." I hug him and kiss him. After the bath, we put on our clothes, clean the bed, lay back on it and fall asleep while cuddling. I love Zane so much!

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