Zane x Daniel

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Zane POV:
Werewolves... what are they...? People with ears and tails who get in a lot of fights and break windows... some are rude, some are nice, the fight between the Alpha and the Omega is the most big fight. Aaron was both of them last year, confusing all of the werewolves. In my opinion, they are annoying, but the one I like are the two trios: Dottie, Rylan, Daniel; Blaze, Evan and Raven. They're the nicest, but I have a secret: one of them is my boyfriend, the one I love is the Alpha of this year: Daniel... he told me that I am his mate and i'm glad that he is the one. He's shy, kind, a great leader, a cute guy, honest and loyal. He's generous only with the nice werewolves, I am not nice, but he still loves me "ZuZu! There's someone who wants to see you! He is a werewolf!" I yell "Tell him to come upstairs!" I hear pairs of footsteps, but is more like two pairs of footsteps. The door opens and closes, but I see no one... until a green wolf gets on my bed "Hi Daniel!" I hug him, his tail is wagging "Even in your wolf form you are adorable." I see his blush. I pet his ears, he growls with a big smile, he likes it "Remember when you said that you would do anything? Anything to make me happy?" he nods "Well I want you to..." I whisper in his ear "Be yourself... Be the nice Daniel I fell in love with." he turns human, he has a big blush on his face "I love you too Zane!" he jumps in my arms "You smell weird..." his ears move down "I got an idea. A bath together?" his tail wags again "I'll take that as a yes." I go to the bathroom, then fill the bathtub with water and liquid soap. I take off my clothes and get in "Daniel! Come!" he enters the bathroom, then he takes off his clothes and enters in bathtub, then plays with the bubbles "Daniel?" he looks at me "I know you are Alpha and the mating session is coming, but can we adopt a kid? We both are like the top and bottom at the same time." he says "You really want kids with me Zane?" I nod, he hugs me again "I will always love you my sweet werewolf." we share a long kiss, I like to kiss him, his lips are soft and taste like apples.

*few years later*
I ended up being a werewolf, I wanted to be like Dan, to know how he feels... to know how is it to be a werewolf, he bit me, it wasn't so bad. Now he was a bad werewolf and I have to teach him a lesson, he's sitting on our bed on his belly, his hands are tied in front of his head, his feet are tied to the bed posts "Daniel, I told you to stay the cute one you are. You've been a bad boy, I have to teach you a lesson..." his mouth is tied with a gag "I wonder how ticklish you are." I sit on his back and put my fingers on his feet "Soft~" I move my fingers slowly, his tail starts wagging.

Daniel POV:
I laugh through the gag, i'm sensible, I won't last long "I will not tickle your belly, but I wanna try these armpits." his fingers brush my armpits, I laugh more, tears of laughter falls from my eyes "Now your ears~" my eyes widen "That's my weak spot!" he's scratching my ears, I let out a moan "Good boy~" my tail is wagging faster "You learned your lesson?" he takes off the gag "Yes I did. I'm sorry Zane." he unties me "I forgive you." we lay on the bed "Do a cute face." I do my puppy eyes "Cute~" he grins "Ready for our special night Daniel~?" I say "Yes Zane, i'm ready~"

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