Aphmau x Garroth

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Aphmau POV:
Why? Why? Why no one told me this? Garroth is a vampire! How I found out? I walked in the park for a night walk, wrong choice... I felt someone watching me, when I looked up at a tree I saw two red eyes, the person came down and it revealed Garroth, he has light gray skin, red eyes, fangs and dark blue bat wings. Now i'm running away from him, I get inside and lock the doors and windows, then I go to my bedroom, get on my bed and try to sleep. I'm very... very tired...

Garroth POV:
Aww... she ran away, I just wanted to hug her! She can run, but she can't hide, I can smell her. I try to open her door, of course it's locked, but I know where is her spare key. I look under the flowerpot, take the key, unlock the door, get inside then lock it. I put the key on the table, I know where she is... in her bedroom... I go upstairs quietly, I open her door, get in and close it. She is sleeping, she looks so cute when she sleeps. I sit on her bed and pet her on her head, I will show her that i'm not that type of vampire who wants blood... I want her... I need her... I love her... I lean closer and kiss her lips... they are so soft. To my surprise, I feel arms wrapping my neck, I break the kiss... she is awake "I'm so sorry Garroth..." I say "It's fine Aph, I don't want your blood, I want you." she blushes "I love you" I smile and kiss her again. While we have a make out session, we strip to our underwear "Garroth... you look hot..." I smirk "You are very beautiful Aph." I bite her neck, making a mark, now everyone will know that she is mine. Aph takes off her bra, I suck her nipples, she moans, I look down at her panties, they are wet "Excited~?" she nods. I remove her panties and spread her legs, I lean closer to her pussy and lick it, then I put my tongue inside her and move it like a snake "Ahhh~ Garroth~" her moans are like music to my ears, she tastes sweet, she moves my head closer, I see she loves the feeling. After a while she cums, I drink her juices, I take off my boxers, get on top and slowly enter her. She moans loudly, I move in and out slowly "Ah~ ah~ faster~ deeper~" I do as she says. She gasps, I grin "I found your g-spot~" I hit there harder. After a time I feel myself going to cum soon "Garroth~! I'm close~!" I groan "Me too!" after a few more slams she cums on my member then I cum inside her, I pull out "Don't worry, you won't get pregnant." I kiss her, she kisses back. She falls asleep, I lay near her, put the blanket on us, cuddle her, close my eyes then I fall asleep. I love her a lot.

*the next morning*
Aphmau POV:
I wake up, because the sun shines in my bedroom, I look at myself, then I remember what happened last night, I look near me to see Garroth, he's back to normal. He yawns "Morning" he smiles "Morning" I smile "That was a surprise last night." I move closer to him "Did you born like this or...?" he says "Born, same thing with Zane and Vylad, mom is a vampire." I raise an eyebrow "How my mother didn't find out?" he says "She did, I wanted to tell you, but you were so busy." I sigh "I'm sorry" he says "It's fine" I get on top of him and hug him "I want to stay like this for a while." he chuckles and hugs me "I love you Aphmau." I say "I love you too Garroth." we go back to sleep.

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