Zane x Yandere Aaron

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Author POV:
Zane is waking up, his hands and legs are tied with chains, he's in someone's basement, he notices that he has ears and a tail, someone threw a potion to turn him into a meif'wa... but who...?

Zane POV:
What am I doing here? The last thing I remember is that I was with Aphmau and she gave me a cupcake, after I ate one I felt dizzy, but before I fell asleep I saw her with a guilty face and said 'I am so sorry.' why was she sorry? This is not her basement, did someone tie me here? I look at my tail, then at my legs "I don't look so bad as a meif'wa." I hear footsteps coming downstairs, I look up "You woke up ZuZu?" I blush, it's Aaron "Senpai?" he chuckles "Wait what did I just call him?" I blush more "What am I doing here?" he says "You are home." I look at him confused "I'm pretty sure this house is not mine." he chuckles again "Oh ZuZu, so adorable and innocent, you are living with me from now on." I say "We're not dating and i'll be a problem if I live here." he says "Not for me little nugget~" he sits in front of me and kisses me, my tail is moving "Where is my mask?" he says "You don't need one, you are beautiful without it." I blush. He pets my ears, I purr "No one is allowed to touch you, except our friends and me." I say "You know I hate being touched." I moan as he rubs my tail "Now I know why Aph said sorry... Aaron is a yandere and he found out that I have a crush on him... I ate the cupcake which had a sleeping potion in it." I stare at him, he wears a red and blue undershirt and red and black boxers "Hug me Aaron~Senpai!" he smiles, then hugs me "Being a neko make me show my feelings..." I moan, he kisses and bites my neck "Nya~" he says "How cute" I try to put my hands on his back "I guess you need help." I nod. He unties me, then I wrap myself around him for a hug, I start purring "Let's bring you upstairs~" he carries me to his bedroom while I purr like a cat who likes to hug his lovely master.

*the next day*
"I'm so sorry ZuZu." he puts medicine cream in my entrance to heal myself... from last night... my ears and tail are gone "It's fine, but one question: who told you that I have a crush on you?" he says "No one, you blush when you see me, so I noticed." I say "You are a yandere and Aphmau helped you." he doesn't say a word "I won't tell anyone tough muffin." he blushes "Give me a kiss." he smirks and kisses me "Do you have cupcakes?" he says "Of course, I made them just for you" he goes to get them. He comes with a tray of them, I take one "Eat them with me." after we eat the cupcakes, we cuddle on his big bed, then watch from his laptop MLP.

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