Aphmau x Tera

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Tera POV:
"She is gorgeous!!" Aphmau is playing soccer with a guy named Antonio, she is so amazing at this game. I know this is weird but... I have a crush on her... I told her that i'm bi, but I can't tell her my feelings for her, she is straight and I don't want to destroy our friendship because of my feelings. I wish there is a way to tell her without hurting her... wait... I know what to do! I need just a potion, I need to find a witch for this...

*few minutes later*
Aphmau POV:
I hit the ball and goal "You beat me!" I jump around "Good job!" I say "Maybe next time Antonio." I walk back to my room for a nap "I wonder what Tera is doing." when I open the door, I let out a scream of shock. On Tera's bed is a... guy looking like her "Who are you? I'll hit you with a chacla!" he laughs "Still funny as in high school." I look closer at the guy, then I notice the piercing... "TERA?" she smirks "Yes it's me! I used a gender swap potion." I ask "Why?" I am confused "Remember when I told you that I like a girl?" I nod "You are... my crush..." what "Why me?" she says "You have something that no one has: a gold soul. I love your personality, it makes me crazy when you... eat those meif'wa scout cookies. My heart beats when you are so happy and... and..." I cut her off by hugging her "Tera... you are a wonderful person. I had to see... I had to be friends with you and not... fight with you for a guy..." she smiles "Do you like me too?" I say "Yes... will you go on a date with me??" she hugs me "Yeah! You can call me Terry~" he winks, I blush "Let's just go on a date." I grab his hand "Let's get some coffee."

*time skip*
"Wait, your mother uses a chacla? No wonder you say that when there is a stranger in our room." I say "Sorry" I take a sip of my hot chocolate "Hi Aph dear!" I turn my head "Hey!" Katelyn looks at Tera "Who is this?" Luka says "He looks like Tera." we giggle "What's so funny?" I say "You know there is a girl who is a witch." Luka says "Ohhh! My friend told me that she is making gender swap potions." Katelyn says "I remember, I should- wait a minute..." both look at Tera, we laugh "Took you long enough." Luka asks "Why did you get a potion?" he blushes "To confess to my crush." he takes my hand, they gasp "You are bi and like Aphmau?" I say "She only told me." they fangirl "I think we should go." we run out. I get carried by him to our room "I've been waiting for this day~" Tera sits on her bed and kisses me, then make out "It's really nice to be just you and me." he says "Yeah~" suddenly, she turns back to normal "Awww, we were getting to the nice part." I smile "It's ok, we can still have fun~" I jump on her "Whoa!"

*the next day*
We walk around campus, we are now dating, everyone said 'Congrats' to us, even Aaron said that, he's so proud of me "Let's go to the movies!" I say "Ok!"

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