Vampire Aphmau x Kacey

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(This happened two weeks after Kacey was released from the hospital)
Aphmau POV:
I want a boyfriend, a guy who is nice, cute, kind, loyal and honest, he would be my future husband and we'll have a lot of kids. Garroth is my childhood friend, I don't want our friendship to end, he won't be the chosen one; same thing at Laurance, he is a cool guy, but he has fangirls who like him; no way I will choose Gene OR Dante, they are kinda bad; Travis is adorable, but he's half demon; Aaron is an Ultima, I can't be with him; I can't be with Ein and I don't want to be, he is a big jerk; Kai is nice, but he is a meif'wa, I don't want to hurt him by making him a hybrid; I won't choose Zenix either, he has big problems with his anger; I can not be with any werewolf or meif'wa. I look around the school, I can't find anyone my type, until I see someone with blue hair and light blue eyes "Kacey... he is the chosen one, he is my type, I don't care if he is younger than me." I smirk and walk towards him "Hi Kacey!" he looks at me and blushes "H-Hi A-Aph, what's up?" I giggle "Weeeeeell, I was wondering if you want to hang out." I giggle again when his face turns dark red "R-R-Really?" I say "Tomorrow, at the lake, sounds good?" he says "Yeah! I will be there! What time??" I say "At 8pm, see you then!" I walk away "Bye Aphmau!" I grin "He has no idea what will happen. I know he has a crush on me, he always blushes when he talks to me, he's so adorable!" I look around to see if there is anyone here "No one" I take out my wings to fly home faster.

*The next day*
Kacey POV:
I'm so nervous! My crush asked me to hang out with her! I need to look great for today!! I choose my favorite outfit: white shirt, light blue pants and white shoes, I brush my hair, then I go buy a purple rose "I hope she likes it." I go to the park, I see Aphmau wearing a cute purple dress and purple high heels, I blush "She looks so beautiful!" I walk towards her "H-H-Hi!" she looks at me "Hey Kacey!! You look great!!" I blush "T-Thanks. I-I got you this." I give her the rose "Aww thank you!" she kisses my cheek "You are adorable!" my face turns red "Let's go to the lake, follow me." we go to the lake "The lake looks beautiful." I try to hold her hand "Are you afraid of any kind of monster?" I say "Monsters are really cool. Why do you ask?" she says "I was curious." she hugs me, I blush again. We talk a little, we get to know each other better, but I feel something wrapping me, I look around me... wait wings? I look at her, her caramel eyes are now bloody red "A-Aphmau...?" she puts her finger on my lips "Shhh... don't be scared Kacey, i'm not going to hurt you." I ask "What are you...?" she says "A vampire..." her fangs are showing "I love you Kacey..."

*The next morning*
I walk to my house, it's very early, I go to the front door and open it slowly, I close it and go quietly in my bedroom. I jump when I see Katelyn on my bed, her arms are crossed and has a frown on her face "Where have you been?" I say "I was with a friend at the park..." she asks "Who??" I say "Aphmau" her jaw drops "Like a date??" I blush "No! Just as buddies!! After the walk at the lake we went to her house and I guess I fell asleep there." she giggles "I knew you had a thing for her!!" I blush "Get out of my bedroom!!" she walks away giggling, I sigh "Sisters... she will never know the truth... me and Aphmau were flying around together..." I look at the bite mark "We'll be together forever..." I smile, my fangs are showing and my eyes are now bloody red, I get on my bed to get some sleep, my wings wrap around me to give me some warmth.

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