Gene x Dante MCD part 2

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Gene POV:
Dante's skills are impressive, he really knows how to fight, he has been living with me for a year, he didn't need to be trained, he needed to learn more about Shadow Knights. Here he uses the SK sword, but in cover, he uses his red katanas, sometimes he has fights with Laurance and Zenix, if they hurt my blueberry... they are going to pay...

Dante POV:
I have another fight with Zenix, this is getting really annoying "I can't believe you joined his side! What did he do to you?" I say "He opened my eyes... my wife cheated on me!" I put him down with my sword, I hear claps "Good job Dante!" I smile "You better stay away from him Zenix, he's not the old Dante anymore, he is more dangerous. Come on little brother." I follow him back to our house "That was the first time I saw Zenix down, i'm proud of you." I say "Thanks" we go in the house "You deserve a reward." I blush "You don't need to give me anything, your love for me is enough." he says "Aww, but I insist." I hear armor clashing, he takes off mine too "My cute blueberry~" he puts his soft lips on my neck, I let out a moan "You're mine~" he leaves bites on it "Ah~" he carries me to our room.

*few hours later*
I wake up because someone knocks at the door, me and Gene dress up, then he answers "What is it Laurance?" he says "They found Zane, Shad got his fragment back, now you have to go to kill Zane." Gene looks at me "I will be fine, you can go." he smiles and leaves "Shad needs me for something or...?" Laurance says "No, but you have to be somewhere." I look at him confused, before I know it, he knocks me out...

Laurance POV:
I bring Dante to Aphmau, she thanks me for the help and gives me a sword, my emerald sword "Lady Aphmau, I can't accept it." she says "Just take it." I smile "Thank you" I run back in the Nether and act like nothing happened.

*time skip*
"LAURANCE!!" oh boy, here he comes, his eyes are red "WHERE IS DANTE?" I smirk "He is home" he yells "He isn't!" he keeps glaring at me until his eyes show shock "You didn't..." I say "You brainwashed him, his place is with his family, not here." I walk away "YOU LITTLE!!" i block his attack "Nice try"

Dante POV:
"He's waking up!" that voice "Dante!" I start to open my eyes "Dante~Kun!" I get mad "Her" I look around, i'm at my old house "Dante! Thank Irene! We were so worried!" Aphmau hugs me, I refuse her hug "Don't touch me!" she is shocked "Why am I here?" Garroth says "You are back home with us." I growl "My home is in Nether with my brother!" KC says "Dante~Kun, he brainwashed you!" I yell "SHUT UP YOU CHEATER MEIF'WA!!!" Aphmau gasps "Dante! Why you call her that?" I yell "Because she cheated on me!!" Lucinda appears "Oh, he's awake" she gets closer to me "I'll just see if you're ok." I stay quiet. She does a kind of spell, when she is done, she seems confused "Dante, does Gene has an ability?" I say "He does, the ability to alter anyone's memories." she looks at Aphmau "Aphmau... I don't think... Gene used his ability to... alter Dante's memories..." Aphmau asks "Then why Dante is like this?" Lucinda looks at Kawaii~Chan "KC... did you cheat on Dante...?" Kawaii~Chan stays quiet "Kawaii~Chan... did you...?" she starts crying "When I went to Scaleswind to give Dante~Kun food because he was hiding from Gene, someone was about to steal the food, a guard got my food back, I wanted to kiss him on cheek as a 'thanks', but he turned his head and by accident I kissed him on the lips. Dante saw that and got furious, I tried to explain, but he walked away and didn't let me explain!" no one says a single word "Lady Aphmau! A shadow knight is here!" Lucinda teleports us to her house "LET ME GO!!!" Aphmau holds me. Suddenly, a SK appears, it's Gene: his eyes are red, he is in his full form "Give me my brother back!!!" they use their magic to stop him, he dodges them all and knocks them out, then he picks me up and teleports us back to the Nether. He turns back to normal and hugs me "Dante... i'm so sorry... i had to take you with me... i'll never leave you alone... I promise..." I say "It's ok Gene, i'm not mad." I hug him back "I love you" he smiles "I love you too... my blueberry" we kiss while we hold hands and we go back home.

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