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Running || A Garrance Fanfic by _Shippers_Unite_
Running || A Garrance Fanficby Emily
Being heartbroken is not an easy fix. Being heartbroken after a seventeen-year-long crush is even worse. Having to watch the woman who broke your heart be totally in lov...
Christmas Miracle [Garrance AU] {Mini-Story} by _SensitiveLB_
Christmas Miracle [Garrance AU] { 🥀🩸Jay🩸🥀
(Characters belong to Aphmau! Garroth's height is referenced off my best friend's height) (Art by Pink Yaoi Arts) "We have to kiss, Garroth" "N-no! W-we d...
Love and War by _SERENlTY_
Love and Warby Bella
All is fair in love and war. Laurence was the popular boy in school, he has every lady trying to make him theirs, the secret was, Laurence didn't want any of them. Garro...
Aphmau Twitter AU by Bisexual-Simp
Aphmau Twitter AUby gabity
Instagram: @//aph_twitter_au Tumblr: @//aph-twitter-au The app I use is: Social Dummy •College AU •Sibling AU •Not all ships are canon •Some ships will be LGBTQ+ •Will e...
Not Myself  by MCDAphmau
Not Myself by MCD
Garroth,20 year old shorty that just moved from his home of Okasis to get away from his family business for awhile. Laurence, 26 year old who loves to party and have ad...
Garrance One-Shots  by GarranceShipper
Garrance One-Shots by Caesy
Garrance One-Shots because why not
Garrance Oneshots~ by timozeyyy
Garrance Oneshots~by timozeyyy
✓Fluff ✓Angst ✓Lemon I'm taking requests :)
Garrance One-Shots by TheGreat_Yeet
Garrance One-Shotsby 🍒Cherry🍒
This book will contain fluff and smuts. I will rarely do angst, sorry. If you see a spelling mistake please let me know in the comments. This book does have sexual cont...
Aphmau Ship Asks by xKittehh
Aphmau Ship Asksby Kittehh
Questions to ask about all your favorite Aphmau Ships!! Taking Requests!! Includes: Aarmau Garrence Melinda Travlyn Vylante ZaneChan
A Hard Knock Life  by EuphoriaisEmotional
A Hard Knock Life by ✨EuphoriaIsAngst🦠
"Smile." "Don't show emotion." "Don't touch my brothers." We are the Ro'meaves and this is our story.....
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis and Vylante. by WillowChanFics
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis Willow~Chan
The casanovas have each taken an interest in a certain male on MyStreet. All from the same family. Each of the casanovas likes one of the Ro'Meave brothers and needs to...
Him...( an Aphmau fanfic about Garrance, Zanevis and Vylante) by hellooio26
Him...( an Aphmau fanfic about hellooio26
Life has been hard for them until they found him...
Laurance, my Love {A Garrance/Laurroth Fanfiction AU} {Completed~!} by LilPrincessKy
Laurance, my Love {A Garrance/ 👊💋Kylie💋👊
"Don't let me go.." "I don't plan on it, Love." "Don't hurt me, Garroth." "Why would I want to, Love." "I love you, Laurance...
My Wolf Girl (Zane x Werewolf! Reader) (Complete!!) by Psycho_Karma0Akabane
My Wolf Girl (Zane x Werewolf! 🖤🧡 Krash 🧡🖤
Highest Rank: #3 in garrence Y/N, the werewolf girl who can hide her ears and tail, just moved to Mystreet and develops a crush on one person on Mystreet and that perso...
MyStreet Season 7 (ON HIATUS) by Galaxygirl_1626
MyStreet Season 7 (ON HIATUS)by Erin Joo
Everyone back at Starlight heads home while Aphmau and Travis heads back home. They plan to keep Starlight a secret from Laurance and Dante who were left out. Can they...
The Ro'Meaves (Garrance, Zanvis, & Vlyante) by iiSherberty
The Ro'Meaves (Garrance, Attack on Trash
Promise me. Promise me you'll never leave me. Promise me you'll love me forever and ever and ever, no matter my past, no matter my pains. Promise to love me for me. Prom...
In Harmony -A Travlyn FF by Therandomfangirler
In Harmony -A Travlyn FFby Therandomfangirler
Katelyn used to play with a boy when she was younger. He was the reason she loved music so much. They used to play every day, but one day when Katelyn rang the doorbell...
Zane~Chan Fluff One-Shots - //After Starlight// by SevenWritesStuff
Zane~Chan Fluff One-Shots - // Superstitious Seven
Zane and Nana are back home from the crazy ride of Starlight Wonderland, with a few bruises and memories they won't ever forget. Safe from the Guardian Forces, they try...
Since We Have Fallen In Love... [Garrance AU] {Book 2} (Completed) by katgamez2000
Since We Have Fallen In Love... [ ~Kat~
~Disclaimer~ This is a sequel to the first book "If We Fall In Love...". Make sure you have read that, in order to understand this story. I hope you enjoy. ? ~...