Travis x Zane

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Zane POV:
I'm in the forest, near a lake, i needed some peace and quiet, but why do I feel like someone is watching me? I look behind me to see no one. Maybe it's just my imagination, I look back at the lake... it's so beautiful and clean... I close my eyes for a few minutes then open them again... wait a minute... I see two arms wrapping me, I look behind me "TRAVIS" he chuckles "Hey ZuZu~!" I groan "Don't call me that! What are you doing here?" he kisses my cheek "I came here to stay with you!" I sigh "I came here to have peace and quiet, so can you please go away and do something else?" he shakes his head, I get up "Go flirt with Katelyn or something!" he gets up too "I don't like her, I like you!" I roll my eyes "I'm going home!" I walk past him, but he grabs my arm "Hey! Let me go!" he pulls me closer, pulls down my mask and is about to kiss me, but I push him and he falls in the lake... oh no... I didn't mean to do that! Travis gets up, the water is until at his knees, he looks at me with sad eyes... he is about to cry, I grab his hand, take him out of the lake, then I drag him to my house as fast as I could to clean him.

*time skip*
Good thing the lake was 100% clean, or Travis was about to get sick, now he is dry, he took a shower. I give him tea "Are you ok?" he nods "I am so so sorry, I didn't mean to push you in the lake." I hug him "It's fine..." I say "You can sleep in my bed." I bring him to my bedroom "I'll sleep on the couch." I go back and fall asleep on the couch.

*few hours later*
I wake up, Travis called me, I wonder if he is fine, I go upstairs to check on him "What's wrong Trav?" he whines "Please sleep with me." I blush, but I close the door and get on the bed, he cuddles me "Thank you" I smile and cuddle him "I will give him a chance."

*time skip*
I feel something touching me between my legs, I blush dark red, I hear Travis moaning "Zane~" I open my eyes, his member is touching mine "Maybe I should do it." I kiss him, he wakes up and kisses back "Had a dream?" he blushes "Wanna do it?" he doesn't say anything, so I get on top and make out with him, he smiles in the kiss. I take off my shirt, he does the same, we still make out "You're a good kisser Zane~" I say "You're lips taste like coconut~" I fell in love with this guy "I love you ZuZu." I smile and kiss him again, his eyes show happiness and lust. We make out until we are naked, then I lower myself on his member "Virgin?" I nod "Same" I stay like this for a few minutes, then I move up and down slowly, the pain turns into pleasure, I move faster "Mmm Travis~" he moans "Ahhh Zane~" he hits my prostate, I scream of pleasure, he hits harder, I feel the knot, he rubs my member "I'm coming~" I moan "Me too~" we release at the same time, then I move up and lay down near him, he wraps his arms around me "Thank you for this ZuZu." I smile "No need to thank me." we kiss for the last time before we fall asleep.

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