Aphmau x Laurance

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(This shows what happened between those two in my book Aphmau and her friends, read it before reading this chapter)
Aphmau POV:
We break the kiss, a string of saliva connects our tongues, I kiss and bite his neck, he moans "Aphmau~" I take off his shirt and run my finger on his abs, he blushes "You really work out my shadow knight~" I lick his abs, he moans again. I open his pants, unzip them then take them off, I can see he is turned on. I touch his member through his boxers, he takes off my undershirt and my bra. He kisses between my boobs, then sucks my nipples, I let out a moan. I open the drawer of my bedside and take out a vibrator "Aphmau, what is that?" I smirk "A new type of vibrator, it has a flesh light and a little microphone." I take off my panties, he takes off his boxers, I put the flesh light on his member and the microphone in my pussy. I turn it on low, we both start moaning, Laurance puts me on his lap and I wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss his forehead while he kisses my chest, the vibrator goes on medium, we moan louder "You are so sexy~" I blush "And you are hot~" we kiss. The vibrator goes on maximum, both of us are moaning messes. We cum at the same time, I turn off the vibrator, then take off the flesh light and microphone off of us. I put it back in drawer and take out a condom, Laurance unfolds the condom then puts it on his tip "Are you ready my angel~?" I nod, he gets on top and enters me slowly. It doesn't really hurt "You can move" he moves in and out at a medium speed, we are moaning each others name "Faster Laurance~" he moves faster "You don't know how happy you make me Aph~" he kisses and bites my neck while I moan. After a while we cum, he pulls out and throws the condom. I pin him and get on top, then I lower myself on his member "I'm not done yet Laur~" I go up and down, he grabs my hips and lowers me deeper, we moan like crazy, we never felt so much pleasure before. I go faster and faster "Ahhh~ Aphmau~ i'm close~" I cum on his member, then I get up and he cums on my face. We both pant "That was amazing angel~" I giggle "I know right, wanna take a bath with me?" he nods. I go to the bathroom and turn on the water. After the bathtub is full I turn off the water then put some liquid soap in it. I tie my hair, so it won't get wet, I get in the bubble bath, then Laurance closes the door and gets in. I hug him "Thank you Laurance, for being my love..." he hugs me back "No need to thank me, I love you, no matter what happens, i'm here for you." he kisses my forehead. After the bubble bath, we get out, I take out the cover and the water goes in the drain. We dry, get on the bed, put the blanket on us, cuddle then fall asleep.

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