Zane x Yandere Aaron part 2

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Author POV:
L: If you want Zane to love you, use this potion.
Aa: It's a neko potion.
L: I know. If he loves you for real, not only it will turn him into a neko, but it will increase his love feeling and he will be in heat.
Aa: I will take it.
L: *gives* I hope you will take good care of him.
Aa: Of course I will.
L: Does Aphmau know about this?
Aa: Yep and I made a plan.
L: You are crazy, you know what?
Aa: I know~
That was the talk before the party. He told Aphmau to throw one, also put a sleeping potion in a cupcake. Zane got the one and Aaron carried him to his basement, cuffing him with chains...

*The lustful night*
Zane's in heat and what he wants now is his senpai "Aaron~ please faster~ I want you~" Aaron smirks and does it, going deeper into him. Zane enjoys it, feeling the member deeply "Nya~" the sound makes him go faster. He loves the sounds of moaning and meowing from his cupcake "Aaron i'm-" before Zane can finish, he cums, Aaron cums deeply in Zane, he moans softly as he feels the warm seeds. Aaron pants, his ears and tail come out "Nya~! Senpai is a werewolf! Cute~!" Zane pets him, Aaron likes the pets. Another round... Aaron rubs Zane's tail, making him arch his back "You are the cutest neko Zane~" "Nya~" you can see hearts in his eyes. Aaron took his mask to see the adorable freckles, then he moved Zane's hair to see his blind eye. He wants to kill Garroth for what he did, but can't, because it'll make Zane sad. He sighs "You're adorable" he pets the neko ears, making Zane purr. He then slaps his butt "Nya~" "You are mine... okay ZuZu?" "I only love you Aaron~" they share a kiss before Aaron thrusts again, Zane riding him, panting and moving his tail as he feels the most unbelievable feeling "Aaron~Senpai~" he hit Zane's sensitive spot, making him more crazy of pleasure "My my... what a naughty kitty~" Zane giggles "My kitty~ you're my cute little kitty~" the 2 have fun all night... not caring at all if someone will hear them do it...

*The next day*
The two cuddle on the couch as they watch series after MLP, Zane is on top of Aaron while he is sitting on couch. Zane is still tired, since he didn't sleep enough. Zane yawns "Why don't you take a nap ZuZu?" "It's afternoon, it's too late for that." "Come on. I will take a nap with you~" Aaron turns off the TV, then he carries his little nugget to the bedroom. They change into more comfortable clothes, get under the big red blanket and cuddle. Aaron has a strong grip, not wanting to let go of his cupcake, but Zane doesn't want to leave. He will thank Lucinda later for getting them together, thanks to neko potion and the lustful magical night.

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