Aaron x Xavier part 2

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Xavier POV:
We have a nice picnic for lunch "So, I see you guys are good friends." I say "I am his childhood friend. I know about him like I know about me. Ask me one question." Mac thinks "What is Aaron inside?" I say "If you mean inside his room, he is a good player. He plays a few video games." Betty asks "What is his favorite food?" I smirk "Pepperoni pizza. Who doesn't like pepperoni?" I am shocked, how does he know about me that much? "Do you want an apple slice Betty?" she smiles "Yes please!" I say "Don't eat too much." Mac says "If there would be an eating contest... she would win." she says "I just like food." I bite my sandwich "Oh, Cathy texted." she checks "Look like she wants me to be her roommate..." I say "You should accept. Jenny might be insane now." I look at Aaron "I will say yes" I look at Aaron's wrist "He wears the bandana on his wrist." I blush a bit "I like when he is mysterious~" from the corner of my eye I see the two blushing "Ooooh, I sense love in here~" they blush more "What!?" Aaron says "They are friends Xavier." I smirk "For now~" I take one apple "AARON!!!" huh? "Cathy, what's wrong??" she saya "You need to run!" I ask "Why?" she says "Jenny is crazy!! Come on Betty, we need to run!" Cathy takes her hand and runs "Let's go!" we take Aaron and run "AAAAROOON!!" I heard her screaming "Oh god!!" I look behind "She is behind us!!" Mac trips "Mac!" I yell "Go!" I pick Mac. My ears and tail come out, then I run fast "You are a werewolf?" I say "We don't have time for this!" I run in the building "Is this your room?" he nods. His dorm is under mine "You will stay in mine." I run upstairs "Yours is near Aaron's?" I say "Yes" we get in "We'll be safe here. Do not leave the dorm. I will check if Aaron managed to get in." Mac sits on my bed "Rest. Good thing it's Friday." I open the door, look left and right and knock "Aaron?" the door unlocks, I go in "We might stay in our dorms all the weekend..." he looks at me wide eyed "What?" he yells "WEREWOLF?" oops "Yes, I am a werewolf and I know you are an Ultima." he asks "Why are your ears and tail white?" I say "I'm the last albino." he asks "How did you manage to survive?" I shrug "I just did." I try to hide them "Wait" his ears and tail pop out, black with red tips. I blush "You... can stay..." I say "Mac is in my dorm." he says "I'm sure he won't mind." I go look through the window "Uh oh, I see her." I move away "Did she see you?" I shake my head. There is silence for a time "Why do you work for my dad?" I look at him "I can't tell you the real reason." I can't confess to him "Did he tell you anything about me?" I say "He told me you are bi. I found out you're Ultima by the smell." Aaron sniffs me "Coconut and pineapple?" I shrug "My favorite drink." I walk closer "Want a taste of it?" I jump on him to kiss him. He pushes me, I fall on his bed "Why did you do that?" I say "Don't you see Aaron? I work for Derek to get closer to you. I have a crush on you since my freshman year. I won't let a crazy girl like Jenny to get you." he doesn't say a word "Just reject me already!" instead of talking, he grabs me and kisses me. I melt in the kiss "Thank you" we hug on his bed "I know you like that girl." I continue "I just want a chance." I put my forehead on his "Ok" I smile a bit.

*few minutes later*
Aaron POV:
God, how can he be that tight? He's on top of me, his back is facing me, I tied his hands behind with my bandana,
he is sure enjoying this "Aaron~!" he's panting "How it doesn't hurt you?" I thrust deeper, he moans louder. I try to find his spot, then I find it "Ahhh~!" I hit his spot faster "So good~!" I hope Mac is not hearing us. Xavier's moans make me harder "Please~ fill me with your seeds~!" I say "What if I get you pregnant?" he says "I can't" I pump his member, he's really enjoying this. In 5 minutes I cum, he lets out a soft moan "I love you~" I untie his wrists and lay him down after I pull him out "I love you too." I cover us with the blanket.

*the next day*
"So what did you guys do??" I say "We just stayed here to hide from her. Did you sleep well?" Mac says "Yeah and I had a weird dream. Betty was in it in a white dress." me and Xavier look at each other, then smirk "You like her." he blushes "I don't!" Xavier says "Sure you don't." we chuckle "What we will do about Jenny??" I say "When we see her, we run or hide." Mac says "Agree and I will tell Cathy and Betty." Xavier "Even if they are Jenny's friends, they need protection." we agree with him.

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